Chamber Choir Audition Information!

Chamber Choir Audition Information!

Chamber Choir auditions are tomorrow after schooling the choir room- Wednesday, March 14th (if you can’t do tomorrow after school just let me know and I’ll arrange another time with you).

Everyone will sing a chromatic scale and a whole tone scale.
Junior Choir students will sing I have Loved the Stars m. 46-68
Senior Choir will sing Glow m.13-24

I will also give everyone a short chorale that they will have to learn over spring break, we will do groups of 4-8 when we get back and see if you did your homework.

This group is all about going to the next level and committing to learning your parts on your own. You will be required to practice outside of rehearsals and attend every rehearsal in order to be successful. If you are ready to work hard and are up for a challenge, this is the group for you!

Sign up sheet is on my door in the band room, come check it out!