Choir, String & Musical updates for the Week!

Choir, String & Musical updates for the Week!

Hello all,

First of all a huge congratulations to all the students that participated in this year’s show! It was a fantastic run and I am so proud of the show we put on. To those of you graduating, thank you for being such great leaders and I wish you continued success in whatever you do. That being said musical is not technically finished until everything is packed up and stored away before break, so please take some time on Monday and Thursday after school to come lend a hand and collect all of your belongings!

Monday Musical students and crew need to come after school and help with organizing costumes and taking anything home that belongs to you. DO NOT leave it over the break, or things will start growing off your dirty costumes…take them home and wash them! Crew we can start putting away props and start disassembling the set as soon as possible. I know some people leave early for the break and I don’t want to leave this until Friday when no one will be here to help. We have to get it done this week, so please make time to come and help tear down the set.

Tuesday: Choir is back on with Junior Choir at 7:15am and Senior Choir after school at 3:30...we will be talking CHAMBER CHOIR for after Spring Break, so make sure you are there to make time for an audition this week if you are interested. Vocal Jazz at lunch! Bring your music we have work to do!

Wednesday: Marching band is starting so Strings will be cancelled as most of you will be going to marching band. We will have Junior Choir after school!

Thursday: Senior Choir in the morning, hopefully finishing off some chamber choir auditions at lunch. Strings at lunch, we need to discuss new rehearsal times for after Spring break, so make sure you are there! All musical students come pick up your costume stuff, we can’t have it fester over break, crew we will continue to tear down the set.

Friday: enjoy your break…I will be here to keep tearing down the set so stop by to help!

Have an awesome spring break, lots of exciting things happening in April so stay tuned!

-Ms. Kerr