Choir/Strings/Vocal Jazz Updates

Hello all,

We have some exciting events already happening during our second week back, so please read through and plan accordingly! Congratulations to those that made it into Chamber Choir, I had to make some tough cuts, but everyone that auditioned did an incredible job and I am so excited to work with both Concert and Chamber Choir! If you have any questions about your audition, please come see me and I will be happy to meet with you! Manure Fundraiser is coming up, please check the website to sign up and tell people to come and support our music program (especially if they are avid gardeners!).

Updates for this week are as follows:


3:20-4:30- Vocal Jazz– We are now having a regular rehearsal time for Vocal Jazz on Monday’s after school in the choir room. We are rehearsing for GVPAF performance on Thursday, so please be there on time ready to sing with rhythm section MEMORIZED. Please bring in your SIGNED permission forms to me on Monday as well!


7:15-8:20 am- Junior Choir Grade 9 and 10 singers we will be meeting as Junior Choir on Tuesday morning to sing through new music and I Have Loved The Stars to prepare for a casual performance after school on Wednesday. Please be there on time, we have lots to do and I am so excited to get back into the swing of things with choir-it is going to be a FUN last few months!

11:17-12:12- Vocal Jazz– rehearsal at lunch to run through our tunes for GVPAF! Rhythms section please be there as well:)

3:20-4:45- Senior Choir– Grade 11 and 12 singers, we will be rehearsing Glow and Lord I Know I Been Changed and maybe look at some new music if we have time. Please Make sure you can be at our performance after school on Wednesday (April 11) with  the Mt. Doug choir in the theatre. See details below:)


7:15-8:20- Strings– We will be looking at the assigned section from Cincopations in sections, so please practice! Festival is only a few weeks away, so please be on time to our classes and be ready to work, both in class and practicing at home. You should have received a booklet with district music as well.

3:20-4:15- Senior Choir and Junior Choir- We will be meeting in the theatre to sing for Mt. Doug and listen to them sing as well for a choir exchange! It is casual and you will not have to wear your uniform and there will be treats to keep your energy up for after school! You are required to come to this short performance, so please make arrangements to be there and sing and you must let me know if you have a conflict as soon as possible. It is going to be a lot of fun and a great way to kick off the end of year choir events!


7:15-8:20- Chamber Choir- This is our first official Chamber Choir Rehearsal, be on time and be ready to work hard and have a lot of fun learning challenging and beautiful repertoire! Looking forward to working with you all!

8:20-10:45- Vocal Jazz- Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival Performance. We will be meeting outside the band room right at the bell (8:20) and loading onto the bus to head for UVic. You will be required to wear ALL BLACK and you can wear a pop of colour (shoe, scarf, tie, bow tie), please look sharp. If you are in Chamber Choir you will need to wear your all black to rehearsal that morning. We will be back close to 10:45 or 11. I will send out an email to your teachers about missing that morning, so please ensure you make up any missed work. Our performance will be at 9:20 am at Oak Bay Secondary if anyone wants to come and watch, please note it is $5 for the entrance fee into the festival. We will perform 2 tunes and work with a clinician for 30 minutes, it should be lots of fun!

3:20-4:45- Strings This is our new rehearsal time until the end of the year! We have a LOT of music to get through so be her and be ready to play a lot:)


BCMEA Honour Ensemble auditions are due on this day. If you want to audition for Vocal Jazz or Choir and you are in in grade 9-11, I will make time to help you out on this day. I will likely be doing some auditions at Oak Bay after school. Come talk to me any time this week if you need help with your audition:) Make sure you get your online application in by Friday, April 13 at

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I’m looking forward to rehearsals and performances this week!

Ms. Kerr