Edmonton Tour Information

Edmonton Tour Information


… and I am SO excited! Thank you tour band members and parents for attending the information meeting on Thursday night. I am really looking forward to the next week. While we will be performing and doing musical activities, the big focus of this tour is team-building for the junior bands (the future of the Reynolds Bands!).  I am delighted to have an amazing team of chaperones who will provide the highest standard of care for kids. Thank you Ms. Kerr, Bobbi Renton, Marilyn Miller, Neala St. Hilaire, and Cheryl McKinnon! 

Good luck with packing! Don’t forget to bring some warm clothes! 

PLEASE make sure your full uniform is packed IN YOUR BACK PACK. It must be accessible as we are performing on Monday! 

Loading crew! See you at 5:00am. Everyone else – See you at 5:15am! 

Downloadable Tour Documents (Please review):

Travel Itinerary

Packing List