Find Out What Happened at the RMPA Meeting…

Find Out What Happened at the RMPA Meeting…

RMPA Minutes

Apr 12, 2018

8pm, Conference Room at Reynolds Secondary


Present: Tracy Laramee, Andrea Delange, Andrea Lauzon, Hélène Poulin, Ruth Smith, Kelly Edwards, Jamie Davis, Katy Kerr, Tracy Byrne

1.       Chair’s Report – Tracy L

Plans for the last couple of months are being organized otherwise everything is going well.

2.       Music Council – Sam

Band Scavenger hunt is being organized for after the Victoria Day,

Board game night is being organized; date to be determined.

May 2nd 5:30 in the theatre – coffee night

May 11th – leadership night coffee night with music performances.

May 11th – Music in the air (stage truck performance)


3.       Directors’ Reports – Ms. Kerr, Mr. Davis

Already nearing the end of year!

·         Marching band

In good shape for the parades – future practices will be on Friday.

·         End of year concert band and marching band concert

May 28th UVic performance, tickets are $10, advance notice needs to be sent to the parents.

·         Travel – Junior Tour update

73 kids are signed up, focus on team building;

·         Festival for vocal jazz was today (April 12th)

It was very nice to participate in, share and listen to other groups

·         Festival with Strings is coming soon

Rehearsals have changed to Thursday after school.

·         Orchestra Finale May 15th 7:00 pm

At McKinnon Gym UVic  and a dress rehearsal at Central middle school likely the day before.

·         End of year strings and choir concert

June 12th at First Metropolitan – admission by donation 7:00


4.       Uniforms – Neala/Tracy L

Quote from Cambridge. Choices narrowed down with Mr. Davis. Prices were discussed and fabrics chosen. $2700 needed to purchase the vests for Senior jazz band for September.

Band uniforms being inventoried, purchases will be organized accordingly.

An estimate for the full cost would help with budgeting.


5.       Fundraising

·         Manure Sales – Tracy B

500 bags in pre-sales, 2 loads from Michell’s will be delivered on Saturday morning. Thrifty’s, tents, keys, buckets, and other such details are being organized.


·         Grocery Cards – Lisa/Sherrie

$2500 so far at Thrifty’s, we can go up to $3500. We are approved for next year June 24 2018 to June 22 2019. We are not going to advertise specifically. Those students who already have cards will continue to fundraise over the summer as usual.

·         Cedar Hill / Reynolds Music Dance

·         Ivy Pull, Apr 28 – Kelly

Will not go ahead.

·         Bottle Drive, May 5 – Mr. Davis/Tracy L

·         Seed sale from Good Earth Farms in Comox

We have made $278 – $163 = $115 in profit. The work was minimal. Break down will be 50% for the kids and 50% for the RMPA.

Kelly contacted Maximum Courrier to sponsor the shipping of the seeds. Tracy will send a thank you note.

“This fundraiser could grow.” Tracy L.


6.       Budget – Andrea L

Still awaiting on current reports from the district. We did use $850 for financial assistance for the upcoming trip. Clinicians have been paid.


7.       Student Accounts – Kelly

The amounts that were transferred for the trip were updated, the file was uploaded on the website. The other fundraisers (grocery cards, manure, seeds) will be updated as they come.

Forms should finally rest with Kelly but go through Mr. Davis’ hands first for his records.

The forms need to be updated and a process organized. A Google F=Sheet was suggested.


8.       Website – Andrea d

The website will be updated from bronze to a silver mode. A bill will be submitted at the end of the school year for approximately $100.

A line item will need to be added to the budget for next year of approximately $100.


9.       PAC – Ruth

Staff appreciation lunch – an email was sent to all parents asking for food along with a link to a Google signup sheet. The lunch is between 11:17 and 12:12 on Tuesday April 17th.

Curriculum implementation on April 20th

AGM – PAC is coming up. More people are needed.

Thirfty’s Smile Cards have been ordered.


10.   Other business


11.   Next meetings – May 10, June 21