Friday Schedule Update / Concert Information / Sr. Tour Information / Jr. Tour Payment Due

Friday Schedule Update / Concert Information / Sr. Tour Information / Jr. Tour Payment Due

Hi Everyone,

There’s been lots of great work this week! We do need to tighten a few things up for our mass numbers. Please see the revised Friday schedule below.  

I have also attached a concert running order, 

1.) Friday Schedule Update:

Before School:

There is no Grade 10 Jazz Band before school.

7:45am – 8:20am – Rehearsal for Blue Band (Sr. Band), Jr. and Sr. Choir and Strings in the band room for Jingle Bells (in sooo many different keys!)


8:25am – 8:45am – Rehearsal for all Grade 9 and 10 Concert Band members (the “Green Band”) for Winter Frolic.

Grade 10s will then go to to PE and Grade 9s will remain for our regular class.
Band 11/12 class as per usual. 
Music Council Meeting
After School:
Junior & Senior R&B Band, Drumline Rehearsals
2.) Winter Concert Running Order
A running order for the Winter Concert on Monday can be found here: Reynolds Music 2017 Winter Concert. Due to the number of students that we need to coordinate we have bumped the student call time up to 5:50pm. 
3.) Winter Concert Bake Sale
The second of our 2017/18 evening concerts, The Winter Concert, will feature our wonderful bake sale in support of our excellent music program. We would greatly appreciate volunteers to bake their favourite cookies, cupcakes, bars, tarts, cakes etc. The baked goods may be delivered to the bake sale tables, located in the gymnasium, after 6pm on concert night. Or left in the band room with Mr. Davis the morning of the concert, December 4th, 2017. Please label your items with what they are and the ingredients.
If you are available that night to volunteer at the bake sale table please notify our Bake Sale Coordinator, Michelle Hoenisch at
We sincerely thank you in advance for supporting our outstanding music program.
With Gratitude, Reynolds Music Parents Association
4.) Senior Music Tour Information
Reynolds Senior Music Trip Proposal 2018 can be found here. Students voted on the “Northern Lights” tour option. Thank you for your patience as this tour has been put together. 
Re: Forms and Deposit Due by December 22nd
We understand and appreciate that this is a tight financial deadline for families. Please submit your deposit as soon as it’s possible for your family. Please submit your tour forms ASAP. These help our tour coordinators gauge numbers, hotel, event, and bus bookings, etc. All deposit and payment cheques can be made out to “Reynolds Secondary School. The Reynolds Music Parents Association also runs several fundraisers that students can participate in to help off-set the cost of tours. Check the Fundraising page for more information and to learn how fundraising can benefit your students’ music account.
We will need 35 students to make this trip a go. 🙂
5.) Junior Band Tour Payment 
The second payment for the Junior Band tour is due tomorrow ($350). Please bring your cheques in!
There are still spots available on this trip. Forms are attached, are available on the Reynolds Music website and are in the band room. 
Thanks everyone! 
Mr. Davis