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Here are six ways to keep up to date for both students and parents…

1. Bookmark this website.

The pages are being updated all the time.

if there is something missing that you’d like to see, let us know


2. Subscribe to e-mails- use this form.

If you have subscribed but are still not getting your emails, check your junk mail settings.

if the link doesn’t work, put yourself on our emailing list- email- rmpa@reynolds music.ca

Use the heading “add me to mailing list”

3. Attend meetings.

It’s always nice to meet people face to face and there are meetings to help you learn what’s happening in the program. Attend a few, or attend them all.

For students: the Student Council meets once a week (typically Friday’s) over lunch in the Music Room. Meetings are often advertised in the Student Council Blog.

For parents: the RMPA (Reynolds Music Parents Association) meets once a month and are hosted in the conference room in the school. Meetings are advertised on the events page and in the RMPA Blog.

4. Sign up to our Facebook pages.

5. Follow our team blogs.

6. Contact us by e-mail.