Pre-Spring Break Notes From Mr. Davis

Pre-Spring Break Notes From Mr. Davis

Good work this morning marching band! “To The Max” sounded WAY better! Keep practicing and memorizing!

A couple of notes:

– Thank you Grade 11s/12s for reviewing carrying and playing positions with the 9s/10s and doing run-throughs of To The Max prior to step-off Some great leadership is happening!

– Remember that we are in the PUBLIC EYE EVEN IN REHEARSAL. Lots of neighbours, teachers, and students hear and see us practice. Speak in a big voice to be HEARD – NOT TO COME DOWN ON A LESS-EXPERIENCED BAND MEMBER WHO IS STILL LEARNING. Remember – it’s only day 2. Be encouraging! If you see a junior student doing something WELL – tell them! Colour Party is AWESOME about doing this! Thank you for being so encouraging Katy, Sophia, and Jessica!

– Flute, Trumpet, and Trombone playing position: make sure your horns are up and parallel with the ground at all times. Get in the habit of maintaining excellent playing position EARLY. 

– Trombones/Low Brass – don’t blast on the 16th note runs at the end. Play a little softer an move those slides quickly!

– Drumline: Coming along! Keep the DYNAMICS down in “To The Max” (Ideally we should still sound like a concert band – well-balanced, and musical) and really listen to each other in the cadences. We’ll level your drums and assign drums this afternoon. New gear will be coming SOON!

– Brass & Woodwinds: TONE is still important! Remember to take a full breath and play with a supported tone. This will get easier as we go!

– Sing/Whistle Sections: Sing out or fake it until you can make it! Don’t be the one party-pooper that everyone sees NOT singing.

– Commands: “Band, by the centre, QUICK MARCH.” is a STEP OFF command to get colour party and band MOVING right away.

– I’m going to teach you a new command (“Band, at the halt, MARK TIME”) when we get back that signals the group to march “at the halt” or march on the spot.

– All whistle signals will stay the same. 

Thank you for your hard work this morning! Only a few days until Spring Break and a well-deserved rest. Work hard and have fun!