Purdy’s Chocolate- CHRISTMAS

Purdy’s Chocolate- CHRISTMAS


This event has finished for the year.

ORDER DEADLINE: Tuesday, Nov. 28th, 2017

ORDER PICK-UP: Friday, Dec. 15th, 2017 – time to be announced

Another fantastic fundraiser for Reynolds Music!  This fundraiser makes great gifts, and helps raise money for the music program and for your student’s account.  12.5% of every order goes to the student and 12.5% to the music program.  AND you can make someone smile with some delicious Purdy’s chocolate!

There are two options to place your order. Remember to ask others to support your fundraising by sharing this information

Option #1:

  1. Go to this website: https://purdysgpp.com/1368
  2. You will need to click “Register”, then fill in your contact information and create your own personal password.
  3. Click “join a group”
  4. Enter the number “4679” to join Reynolds Music Fundraiser- Chocolate for Music 4 Life
  5. Select and purchase your chocolates.
  6. From here you can also send electronic invites that will link to your students’ account.
Online orders can be placed until November 28th.

Option #2:

The other way to order is by filling out a paper order form (brochures & forms can also be found in the band room) and bring completed order forms along with payment (cash or cheque) to Mr. Davis or Ms. Kerr by _Nov. 28th _.   Please make cheques payable to Reynolds Secondary School.


CONTACT: parent volunteer, Ann-Marie: a08gilbert@gmail.com, 250-886-1062