Updates for After Spring Break

Updates for After Spring Break

Hello all I hope you had a great Spring Break! I am so excited about the music we will be working on for the last part of the year, it’s going to be amazing! ALL Choir Members we have a choir visiting us from Mt. Doug next Wednesday, April 11, so everyone is expected to meet after school in the THEATRE where our Senior Choir will sing I Know I Been Changed and Glow and Junior Choir will perform I Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly. It is a casual and fun performance where we sing for one another and I will bring treats. We should be finished around 4:15. Everyone will need to attend rehearsal next Tuesday before (Jr. Choir) and after school (Senior Choir) and EVERYONE is expected to attend this fun performance on Wednesday…plan to be there and to have fun!:)

Here are the updates for this week!


7:15am-8:20- Strings, same time, same place. Please make sure you have all your music from before break and you will be getting some more for our district event coming up in May!

Lunch- Vocal Jazz rehearsal! Please make sure you have practiced your parts for Words and Makes Me Feel This Way, we will be running these tunes at lunch and performing them by NEXT WEEK!

3:20-4:00- Finishing Chamber Choir Auditions in the Choir Room! Bring your music for the Bach Chorale I gave you before break, we will be singing in octets as the final part of your audition. Chamber Choir list will be posted on my door on Thursday in the Band Room and we will officially meet next week, Tuesdays after school 3:25-4:45 and Thursday mornings 7:15-8:20. ALL OTHER CHOIR MEMBERS NOT IN CHAMBER CHOIR we will be meeting Tuesday mornings 7:15-8:20am and Wednesdays   after school at 3:25-4:45. We have GREAT music coming up for all choirs, make sure you are there and ready to sing…exciting stuff coming up for our choirs, get ready!!


Lunch- Chamber Choir- All successful chamber choir members meet in room 143 (Art Room) to sign your contract and go over expectations for the group and I can go over some of the music I have selected for the group (it’s great stuff!)

After School 3:25-4:45 Strings- This is our new time so that we can have a bit more playing time together during the week. We have festivals and performances coming up so please make sure you adjust your schedule to attend class!


After School- Vocal Jazz- 1-2:00, running tunes for festival next week!:)

See you all tomorrow! Have a great last day of break:)

Ms. Kerr