Vocal Jazz! Performing Arts Festival Info

Vocal Jazz! Performing Arts Festival Info

Vocal Jazz members, please make sure you are practicing your music this week (tracks are posted on the website so you have everything you need). We will be having a few extra rehearsals our first week back in order to make sure you are ready. Spend some time this week polishing parts and MEMORIZING your lyrics. Please take a listen to the recording below to get solo ideas for Makes Me Feel This Way. We will meet Wednesday at lunch on April 4 to rehearse and have a few after school rehearsals to run the tunes..DO YOUR PART!

Our set list is:


Makes Me Feel This Way

Our performance is Thursday April 12 at 9:20am at Oak Bay. All students are expected to attend and your teachers will be notified.   You will get to perform and work with a clinician for 30 minutes and also listen Oak Bay Vocal Jazz. Please wear all black with a pop of colour-look sharp. I will arrange for transportation to and from school and we will be leaving around 8:30am from Reynolds. It’s going to be a great morning of music!

Please stay tuned for a few extra rehearsals and new rehearsal times for this group once we are back from break…it’s time for us to really dig into some new and exciting music!