Wow, what an amazing effort this tree recycle weekend!

Wow, what an amazing effort this tree recycle weekend!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who coordinated, distributed flyers and posters, promoted, volunteered and worked their shifts this past weekend. Each day seemed to get busier with each passing minute, so our Reynolds Music Team effort was so very appreciated!!

In particular, thank you to those students and parents who worked the last shift (and then some!) today, to those who were scheduled, those who stayed past their own shift, those who jumped in because we needed help, and to those who ran home to change their shoes because they witnessed the COLOSSAL mountain of trees in the Reynolds parking lot at 3pm today and knew we would never get through it without more help! Customers drove into the parking lot until I was literally closing the gate at 4:30, and we even had 3 or 4 plead to take their trees after our gates were shut. What an incredible effort! 🙂

Thank you to Melanie Kilpatrick for all her tweets and coordination of our promotion and media for this event, to Mr. Davis for all his help with everything (gates, treats, lopping trees, and more!) this weekend, and VERY importantly, to Scott Knight who worked countless hours to lead our efforts this weekend, keep everyone on track, making sure all students and parents were equipped and busy with the hundreds of trees that were ‘recycled’!

Another Reynolds Tree Recycling event for the books… thank you all for making this one a great success!