Band This Week: April 23 – 26

Band This Week: April 23 – 26

Hi Everyone! 

Thank you to everyone involved in our Junior Tour to Calgary! We had a great time and it was awesome to get to know so many of you that much more while on tour. Sincere thanks to Cheryl, Bobbi, and Marilyn for all of their expertise as chaperones and travel planners! Our loading crew did outstanding work on this trip – setting up for concerts, LOTS of loading and unloading of gear/luggage – thanks for all of your help!

Upcoming Travel Opportunities: Bobbi and Marilyn are preparing this year’s Whistler Marching Band Trip (June 30th – July 1st) information and options for our next set of Junior and Senior performance tours to be released this week. Families will be presented with voting options for the next two years (2020, 2021) of senior tours as well as the junior tour for next year (2020). Additionally, we are researching the possibility of a SEVEC cross-Canada exchange for an “honour band” of senior band members next year. Our program travel philosophy and more information can be found here

But wait, there’s moreI will post an additional update with information about: upcoming performances, year-end concerts, Mother’s Day in Playfair Park, parades, uniform fittings for colour party, etc. tomorrow! 

Remember that we start this week with a Tuesday schedule. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing all of you and making music with you all! 

Thanks, all!


Jamie Davis



1.) Band Classes in A & B Block

Tuesday – Band 10 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block.

Wednesday – Band 9 in A Block.

Thursday – Band 10 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block.

Friday – Band 10 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block.

Band 9 and Band 10 Practice Cards – Continue recording for Week #33.


2.) Morning, Lunch, After School Rehearsals

Tuesday –  NO JR. JAZZ BAND Rehearsal before school. Intermediate Jazz Band at Lunch. Jazz Combo rehearsals 3:15pm – 4:45pm.

Wednesday – Senior Jazz Band at 7:15am. Junior Jazz Band at Lunch. Drumline rehearsal 3:15pm – 4:45pm.

Thursday – Intermediate Jazz Band at 7:15am. Senior Jazz Band at Lunch. Extra help available after school 3:15pm – 4:45pm. Alumni Band Rehearsal 7pm – 9pm.

FridayMarching Band at 7:15am. Music Council Meeting at Lunch. Drumline rehearsal after school 1:30pm – 3:00pm. 


3.) Orchestra Update:

Due to low numbers (not enough instrumentation) and the fact that many of the students that did join will be spread too thin, Ms. Kerr and myself have decided to hold off on Orchestra this year. We have a lot of performances to cover and a lot of students that are already falling behind in practicing for their core ensembles so there will be no Thursday after school rehearsals any longer. The hope is that we can get orchestra back into Reynolds soon, but this time of year seemingly does not work for many of our students.