Band This Week: Dec. 16-20, Winter Concerts This Week

Band This Week: Dec. 16-20, Winter Concerts This Week

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to our carol band for all of the work they have been doing in our community over the last week and a half! Your performances have been excellent and rewarding for so many – especially at the rest homes we have performed at. Thank you for spreading some musical joy in our school community. 

Pit Orchestra – thank you for an outstanding performance last week for the Variety Show! I am so excited for our Spring run of “Nice Work If You Can Get It!”

One week left to go! We are excited to hear you make music on Tuesday and Wednesday night! Please bring your A-Game to our final rehearsals this week! 

Yours truly,

Jamie Davis


1.) Band Classes in A & B Block

Monday – Band 10 in A Block.

TuesdayBand 9 AND 10 COMBINED in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block.

Wednesday – Band 10 in A Block.

Thursday – Band 9 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block.

Friday – Band 9 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block. Block Schedule TBA.

Band 9 and Band 10 Practice Cards – Continue recording for Week #15.


2.) Morning, Lunch, After School Rehearsals

MondayFINAL Blue Band Rehearsal at 7:15am (Junior Choir joins us at 8am to run through “Christmas Festival”). Carol Band at Lunch. Pit Orchestra CANCELLED. 

Tuesday –  Junior Jazz Band at 7:15am. Intermediate Jazz Band at Lunch. Gym Set-up for Winter Concert #1 at 3:15pm.

WednesdayNo morning rehearsal. Senior Jazz Band at Lunch. Gym Set-up for Winter Concert #2 at 3:15pm.

ThursdayNo morning rehearsal. Senior Jazz Band (music return) at Lunch. Pit Orchestra rehearsal 3:15pm – 4:45pm.

FridayNo morning, lunch, or after school rehearsal.


3.) Winter Concerts This Week:

We hope you will join us for our two winter concerts this week in the school gym! The programs are a mix of holiday repertoire, winter-themed music, and there is something for everyone!

CALL TIME CHANGE: We have backed student call time for both concerts back to 5:30pm. Students need to be at Reynolds for 5:30pm wearing the uniform of the ensemble they perform in first.

We respectfully ask that students stay until the end of the evening to support their fellow musicians and to help with tear-down.

UNIFORMS: These are full uniform performances. Students performing in multiple ensembles will have time to change for each ensemble.

Band Uniform Reminders can be found here:


Tuesday, December 17 – Winter Concert #1 (Carol Band, Blue Band, Green Band, Choirs, Strings)

(5:30pm Call Time. Start time is 7:00pm (unless in Carol Band – see below!). Reynolds Gym.)

Performance Order: Carol Band (Pre-Concert Performance at 6:35pm as the gym loads), Green Band, Senior Choir, Strings, INTERMISSION, Junior Choir, Mass Choir, Blue Band.


Wednesday, December 18 – Winter Concert #2 (Junior/Intermediate/Senior Jazz Bands, Vocal Jazz)

(5:30pm Call Time. Start time is 7:00pm. Reynolds Gym.

Performance Order: Junior Jazz Band, Intermediate Jazz Band, INTERMISSION, Vocal Jazz, Senior Jazz Band.

Bake Sale Information: 

The Winter Concerts will feature our wonderful bake sale in support of our excellent music program. We would greatly appreciate volunteers to bake their favourite cookies, cupcakes, bars, tarts, cakes etc. The baked goods may be delivered to the bake sale tables, located in the gymnasium, after 6pm on concert night. Or, they can be left in the band room with Mr. Davis or Ms. Kerr in the morning of the concert(s), December 17th or 18th, 2019. Please label your items with what they are and the ingredients.


Please bring a container if you wish to purchase any items to take home.  If you forget I will also have baggies and saran wrap at the table.  This is a great way to stock up on a wonderful variety of baking to enjoy over the holidays.


If you are available that night to volunteer at the bake sale table please notify our Bake Sale Coordinator, Michelle Hoenisch at

We sincerely thank you in advance for supporting our outstanding music program.

With Gratitude, Reynolds Music Parents Association