Band This Week: Feb 19 – 22

Band This Week: Feb 19 – 22

Hi Everyone! 

Thank you pit band for 3 excellent rehearsals on Friday, Sunday, and Monday! The band, cast, and crew are doing some phenomenal work. Get your Sister Act tickets by calling the school office (250-479-1696). They are going fast and you don’t want to miss this show! Your children are outstanding! 

Here’s what we have on the go this week! I will post a Tour/Travel update tomorrow afternoon.


1.) Band Classes in A & B Block

Tuesday – Band 10 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block.

Wednesday – Band 9 in A Block.

Thursday – Band 10 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block.

Friday – Band 10 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block. ( OR Band 9 in A Block. )

Band 9 and Band 10 Practice Cards – Continue recording for Week #24. 


2.) Morning, Lunch, After School Rehearsals

Tuesday –  Junior Jazz Band CANCELLED. Intermediate Jazz Band at Lunch. Jazz Combo rehearsals 3:15pm – 4:45pm.

Wednesday – Senior Jazz Band at 7:15am. Junior Jazz Band at Lunch. Drumline rehearsal 3:15pm – 4:45pm.

Thursday – Intermediate Jazz Band at 7:15am. DISNEYLAND TOUR BAND (all those traveling on the Senior Tour) rehearsal at Lunch. Pit Orchestra rehearsal 3:15pm – 5:00pm.

Friday ALBERTA TOUR BAND REHEARSAL (just those traveling on the Junior Tour) at 7:15am. Music Council Meeting at Lunch. Drumline rehearsal after school 1:30pm – 3:00pm. 


3.) RMPA Meeting – Thursday Night

The monthly RMPA meeting will be held in the conference room on Thursday at 7:00pm. All parents are welcome to attend! 


With thanks, 

Jamie Davis