Band This Week: January 11-15

Band This Week: January 11-15

Hi Team,

Thanks for a productive week last week! It was great to see and hear you all. Thanks for jumping back in and being open to doing some sight-reading. I am loo0king forward to seeing the Grade 9 Band tomorrow.

Thank you to Hayden and Marcus for coming early on Monday morning to help move a TON of furniture around in Ms. Bolton’s classroom. Unfortunately, we were short space for two students in that Band English class. Sorry, Grade 11s – we tried!

We will continue to sight-read new pieces in the jazz bands, Band 9, and Band 10, and in Band 11/12 on Monday and Tuesday. Thank you for keeping an open mind as we do this! 

Reynolds Band This Week: January 11-15, 2021

Have a good week! 

Jamie Davis