Band This Week: January 25-29

Band This Week: January 25-29

Hi Everyone!  

Thank you for a fun and productive week last week. We’re half way there folks! Thank you and your families for rolling with the changes as we maneuvered through the first half of the school year. I appreciate your kindness, leadership, flexibility, and willingness to try (and HELP with) new things!

Band 11/12 changed it up last Wednesday and had a “Tragic Tunes” sight-reading day where we sight-read forgotten “gems” that were buried in the band library… who knew arrangements of Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, The Macarena, Mahna-Nah Mah-na, and My Heart Will Go On could “survive” (?) the test of time. 🤔 🤓 Thanks for a fun morning!

Thank you to our Grade 12 students (Connor, Sakura, Ewan, and Luke) for running drumline rehearsals and being excellent and patient leaders! Good luck to SIX of our Grade 12 music students who have begun auditioning for colleges and university music schools and performing arts programs all over the country! We are all proud of you!

Reynolds Band This Week for January 25-29, 2021

Have a great week!

Jamie Davis