Band This Week: March 8-12, Freaky Friday Show Week!

Band This Week: March 8-12, Freaky Friday Show Week!

Hi Everyone!

Download: Reynolds Band This Week: March 8 -12 

Congratulations to the cast, crew, and band for Freaky Friday! Despite a major, last-minute challenge/change for our performers (on Friday morning), EVERYONE has been amazing! We are ready for opening night! We got this! Bravo and congratulations! Ms. Kerr, Kanika, and I are so proud of you!

Get your tickets, folks! You will be blown away by the caliber of every aspect of this show! We are SO incredibly proud of our students that have been doing safe and professional work and we can’t wait for you to see their performances!

Thank you Grade 9s and 10s for being amazing last week in terms of adapting to the Quarter 3 flip! We will be sight-reading new pieces (several of which you selected last week) throughout the week!

Reminder: Theatre clean-up – EVERYONE helps clean up the theatre at the end of B-Block. Percussion must be moved to the band room, chairs/stands must be racked/stacked and moved in to the hallway outside of the gym.

Due to our busy musical theatre schedule this week, there will be no before school, lunch, or after school rehearsals this week. Please get some sleep and be rested for our shows if you are in the band, cast, or crew.

Have a great week!