Band This Week: May 17-21, Year End Concerts

Band This Week: May 17-21, Year End Concerts

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to everyone that viewed and supported the Mother’s Day Concert Livestream (over 2000 views!!). Also thanks to all of those families I got to connect with via Zoom for Parent Teacher Interviews on Friday. 🙂

We have a short week ahead of us BUT short weeks mean lost rehearsal time for our ensembles. It is important that everyone is practicing as often as possible! Again, some junior ensembles only have ONE rehearsal per week and Pro-D Days, Long Weekends, etc. eliminate those rehearsals! 

Thanks for keeping up with all that is going on in our music program! 

WE HAVE YEAR END PERFORMANCES *ALMOST* NAILED DOWN. Read Band This Week for more information!

Download: Reynolds Band This Week for May 17-21

With thanks, 

Jamie Davis