Band This Week: Nov. 12 – 15, RMPA on Thursday, Tour Updates

Band This Week: Nov. 12 – 15, RMPA on Thursday, Tour Updates

Good afternoon!

Thank you for three OUTSTANDING performances over the course of the last week!

The Back In Action concert was our smoothest (23 pieces in 2.5 hours with FAST transitions!) and most musical band concert to date. Wow! Thank you for being so organized and prepared! A HUGE thank you goes out to those students that helped with set-up, helped edit and print concert programs, emcee’d the show, and helped with wrangling and organizing back stage! I am incredibly proud of all of you. Musically, I could not have asked for a stronger start to the concert season. Congratulations to all of those soloists that put themselves out there in front of family and friends. Bravo! On a personal note: “Bravura” (Blue Band’s opening march on Tuesday) ranks at the top of a very short list of school performances that absolutely “clicked” in terms of technique, musicianship, and musical style – exceptional work, folks!

And this is only the beginning of the year… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Our Remembrance Day Observance at Reynolds also went extremely well – thank you for performing in front of your peers and being so on the ball in terms of timings and transitions between band, choir, principal’s advisory, etc. “Dusk” was gorgeous and very musical!

Thank you to Levi Ross for bugling The Last Post & Reveille during the Reynolds ceremony AND at Lakehill Elementary School of November 7th.Also, thank you to Zamira Beckford (Grade 9) for performing The Last Post and Reveille for Braefoot Elementary School on Friday and at the St. Aidan’s Church service this morning! 

Finally, our 53rd consecutive Remembrance Day performance at Saanich Municipal Hall was excellent (AND . SUNNY!)! Thank you for being on time (EARLY!!! YES!!! We actually ran 10 minutes ahead of schedule! That has NEVER happened in my 2 1/2 years at Reynolds.) organized, and flexible with the compact seating and seating changes. Thank you to Sarah, Alex, and Nadia for leading the singing of our national anthems and the hymns throughout the service. 

Thank you to Rob and Andrea de Lange for helping with the UHaul rental, and with transporting gear to and from Saanich Hall. We couldn’t have done it with out you! 

Parents, if you have photos or videos of these performances, I’d love a copy to add to our archives, and to share with students in classes. Any and all media is gratefully accepted! 

Our next major performances are our Winter Concerts on Tuesday, December 17th (Blue and Green Band, Concert Choirs, Strings) and Wednesday, December 18th (Jazz Bands and Vocal Jazz). Both performances start at 7:00pm in the school gym and will feature holiday repertoire amongst other selections. Rehearsals will move quickly. Please be prepared for classes/rehearsals and please practice efficiently. 

A full list of performances for the remainder of the year (including Carol Band performances) will be available mid week.

Thanks team! Keep up the good work in classes and at home, trust each other, and support each other and remember: with uncommon dedication and relentless hard work incredible musical moments are possible. 

Thank you for all that you do. 

Jamie Davis


1.) Band Classes in A & B Block

Reminder: We start on a Tuesday schedule!

Tuesday – Band 9 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block.

Wednesday – Band 10 in A Block.

Thursday – Band 9 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block.

Friday – Band 9 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block.

Band 9 and Band 10 Practice Cards – Continue recording for Week #10. 


2.) Morning, Lunch, After School Rehearsals

Reminder: We start on a Tuesday schedule!

Tuesday –  Junior Jazz Band is CANCELLED. Intermediate Jazz Band at Lunch. No after school rehearsal due to staff meeting.

Wednesday – Senior Jazz Band at 7:15am. Junior Jazz Band at Lunch. Drumline rehearsal 3:15pm – 4:45pm.

Thursday – Intermediate Jazz Band at 7:15am. Senior Jazz Band at Lunch. Pit Orchestra rehearsal 3:15pm – 4:45pm.

FridayGreen Band Rehearsal at 7:15am. Music Council Meeting at Lunch. Drumline rehearsal after school 1:30pm – 3:00pm. 


3.) RMPA Meeting on Thursday November 14

The monthly RMPA meeting will be held on Thursday, November 14th at 7pm in the school conference room. 


4.) Tour Updates

Senior Tour – Cheques will be cashed on Wednesday. The SchoolCashOnline payment system should now be active. If wishing to make an online payment in lieu of having your cheque cashed, please let me know ASAP. 

Junior Tour – the deadline for turning in trip forms and cheques has been extended to Friday. Please turn in your forms and cheques to the blue box outside of my office in the band room. 

Chaperones – chaperones for both trips have been selected and notified. 



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