Band This Week: Oct. 15 – 18, Apple Pie Event, Requirements, Fall Concert, Junior Tour Information

Band This Week: Oct. 15 – 18, Apple Pie Event, Requirements, Fall Concert, Junior Tour Information

Happy Thanksgiving to our Reynolds Music Families! 

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend! I am thankful for all of the students and parents at Reynolds that continually remind me that this is the BEST “job” ever: making music with kids!

Yours truly,

Jamie Davis


The Great Apple Pie Event is almost here! 

THANK YOU to everyone that sold apple pies for our Great Apple Pie Event!  We will be making 600 apple pies (yes, you did read that correctly) this weekend. We ask: if you sold apple pies, please sign up for a shift to make apple pies! 

Saturday – Pie Making Day:

Students, parents and family members – sign up for a shift on Pie Making Day to help peel, slice, mix, fill pie shells, bag pies, and do quality control!

Please bring your own peelers, paring knives and cutting boards (labelled with your name). We’re looking for about 20 volunteers per shift to make sure everything all runs smoothly and efficiently! While the sign-up sheet lists 20 people per shift, we will not turn away extra-help.

The shift sign-up can be found here:

Friday – Set-up Crew Needed: 

A set-up crew of students and parents is needed on Friday, October 18th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm to set up the pie making space (arrange tables/chairs, set up stations, sanitize all surfaces and materials, wash apples, pre-mix spices, cut butter into cubes and prepare in general).

Please email me if you are interested in helping OR sign-up in the band room. 


Keep the apple donations coming in, folks! Thank you! We will accept ALL apples – any colour/size! 


1.) Band Classes in A & B Block

Reminder: We start on a Tuesday schedule! 

Tuesday – Band 9 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block.

Wednesday – Band 10 in A Block.

Thursday – Band 9 in A Block. Band 11/12 in B Block.

Friday – Band 10 in A Block. 

Band 9 and Band 10 Practice Cards – Continue recording for Week #6


2.) Morning, Lunch, After School Rehearsals, Evening Meetings

Reminder: We start on a Tuesday schedule! 

Tuesday –  Junior Jazz Band at 7:15am. Intermediate Jazz Band at Lunch. Combo rehearsals & Extra help & Requirement Completion available 3:15pm – 4:45pm.

Wednesday – Senior Jazz Band at 7:15am. Junior Jazz Band at Lunch. Drumline rehearsal 3:15pm – 4:45pm.

Thursday – Intermediate Jazz Band at 7:15am. Senior Jazz Band at Lunch. Pit Orchestra rehearsal 3:15pm – 4:45pm., REYNOLDS MUSIC PARENT ASSOC. MEETING at 7:00pm in the conference room (all parents and students welcome to attend)

FridayGreen Band Rehearsal at 7:15am. Music Council Meeting at Lunch. Drumline rehearsal, Extra Help, Requirement Completion after school 1:30pm – 3:00pm. 


3.) Term 1 Playing Requirements

If you are new to the band program at Reynolds, “Requirements” (technique and musicianship studies) are the standing assignments for A and B block band classes.

Term 1 Mark Breakdowns listing requirements for Band 9, Band 10, and Band 11/12 were handed out to A and B Block classes last week. Requirements are due: Wednesday, October 30th by 5:00pm. There are a number of options for students to complete these – please see the 2nd page of the Term Mark Breakdown for your band class. PDFs of these documents are listed below.

A Block – Band 9

A Block – Band 10

B Block – Band 11/12


4.) First Band Concert of The Year – Tuesday, November 5

Our “Back In Action” fall band concert is on Tuesday, November 5th at 7:00pm in the school gym. Students will need to be at Reynolds for 6:00pm with their instrument, music, and their band uniforms. Green Band, Blue Band, and the 3 jazz bands will all be performing. The bands are already sounding great and I am excited for you to hear your students’ progress so far. We hope you will join us! 

Calling all bakers! The first concert of the year also features an outstanding BAKE SALE organized by the Reynolds Music Parents Association. If you enjoy baking and can contribute to this fundraiser  your help will be greatly appreciated! 


5.) Junior Band and Choir Tour Update / Parent Meeting

Green Band and Junior Choir will be heading to Edmonton this Spring! 

Dates: March 31 – April 5th. Trip Forms: will be distributed in classes this week. 

Parent Information Meeting: An information meeting with my tour planners from M&B Tours will be held on Wednesday, October 23rd at 6:00pm in the Reynolds Band Room. All junior band and choir parents and students are welcome to attend.