Band This Week: October 13 – 16: AB Block Flip, Outside the TT Schedule

Band This Week: October 13 – 16: AB Block Flip, Outside the TT Schedule

Hi Everyone! 

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for all of the wonderful kids that I get to work with on a daily basis. Thank you for taking our “new normal” seriously and being kind while doing it. 🙂

Thank you to Band 10 for being EXCEPTIONALLY PREPARED for the recording session on Tuesday. Videos will be released TOMORROW night! 

Blue Band (Band 11 and 12) members – if you have missed the last 3 rehearsals, it’s time to come to band this week! 🙂 We have a recording project that needs to be completed in 2 weeks: recording pieces for the school’s Remembrance Day Observance AND for our 54 consecutive appeara… okay, PARTICIPATION in the Saanich Municipal Hall Remembrance Day service. See you ALL on FRIDAY at 7:30am! 

Have a great week! Keep smilin’! 



1.) AB Block Classes

Reynolds AB Block Band 9 and Band 10! – IT’S SCHEDULE FLIP TIME. Our AB classes are no longer learning groups which has prompted a major schedule change please follow the link below for further details: 

AB Block: Band 9/10 and PE 9/10 – THE FLIP:

Step 1: Know your Band/PE group # and colour.
Step 2: Figure our where and when you need to be with the schedule provided (match your colours up).
Step 3: Mini DAILY schedules have been provided for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Step 4: Fridays will continue to alternate Band 9 and Band 10
**There will be NO PE on Fridays**
Remember that all outside of the timetable rehearsals will continue as normal. Make sure you understand where and when you need to be places.
2.) Before School, Lunch, After-school Rehearsals
**Remember! We start back on a TUESDAY schedule
Tuesday: Jr. Jazz Band at 7:30am, No Lunch Rehearsal, No After-school Rehearsal
Wednesday: Sr. Jazz Band at 7:30am, Drumline at Lunch (Outside), No After-school Rehearsal
Thursday: Int. Jazz Band at 7:30am, No Lunch Rehearsal, Pit Band at 3:00pm.
Friday: FULL BLUE BAND REHEARSAL IN THE GYM AT 7:30AM. GRADE 11s and 12s, this means you! 🙂
                          Don’t make me make BRITNEY tell you again….