Band This Week: Sept. 21-25, Band 11 & Band 12 Start, Jazz Bands Start, Safety Plan Update

Band This Week: Sept. 21-25, Band 11 & Band 12 Start, Jazz Bands Start, Safety Plan Update

Hi Team! 

I hope this finds you all doing well and feeling rested after the first full week of school. Thank you to our Band 9 and Band 10 students – I am proud of you and proud to be your teacher! On top of getting back in to “shape” musically, your attention to detail and your mindfulness in implementing our Music Department COVID Safety Plan was amazing! Lets keep this up as we keep moving forward – no shortcuts, please! Yes. Some of the measures are a little “extra” and are clumsy to implement (sorry flutists!) but they do significantly reduce the chances of droplets and moist-🤮-ure being released. THANK YOU for taking this seriously. 

💚💚Shoutout to our junior PERCUSSION SECTIONS!!! WOW. Folks, you broke the “stereotype” given to school percussionists! Thank you for being organized, prepared, and SUPER efficient! I literally called my band teacher friends to brag about how well you are doing.  💚💚

This week we add Band 11/12 (Blue Band) and the Jazz Bands back in to the mix! I am SO excited to see our seniors – I have missed you! 

Have a great week! Stay positive and stay safe! 

Here’s what we have on the go this week. 🙂

Jamie Davis


1.) AB BLOCK GRADE 9s & 10s



Terry Fox Run/Walk on Monday:  Band 10! We are participating in the Terry Fox Run/Walk at 10:15am on Monday to support this Cops for Cancer fundraiser! Bring a toonie and chuck it in the bucket along the route! Wear your PE strip. Please be prepared for my blue/green tartan spandex workout gear. You are welcome. 🙂

If this goes well, maybe we’ll attempt Band Fencing next week! JUST KIDDING. Let’s NEVER do that. 🙂



Welcome back!  As our senior band is made up of 90 students, Band 11 and Band 12 will be separated at first. Combined rehearsals are being planned in a few weeks once we are settled. Please check the schedule posted below for more details.

Band 11 starts on Monday morning at 7:30am in the band room. YES! That’s tomorrow (September 21)!

**If you are in Band 11 AND in Ms. Kerr’s Vocal Jazz you will go to VJ on Monday morning and will join the Grade 12s for their class on Friday morning. 

Band 12 starts on Friday morning at 7:30am in the band room.



All three jazz bands and Ms. Kerr’s choirs and strings start this week as well! See the schedule below. 

4.) Reynolds Band Program Safety Plan Reminders/Updates/Changes

Wash your hands when you enter the band room through the back door by the percussion section.

IF YOU FORGET SOMETHING PLEASE ASK ME FOR HELP 🙂. Extra paper masks, extra cloth masks, hand sanitizer, fabric to make a bell cover, gloves, etc are all located on the sink counter. Take what you need to be successful and safe.

Be patient as your friends are hand washing, and getting set-up. Please social distance.

Mask up! Given the size of our learning cohort and the fact that “spit happens” when dealing with wind instruments, masks are worn at all times in the band room.

Once seated, put on your “Band Mask” and Bell Cover.

“Band Masks” (a mask with a slit cut in the center of it so that your mouthpiece, reed, or bocal can go through) are worn once seated and while playing. ProTip: If you forget your “Band Mask” there are always extras a the front of the room. Try to store your mask in your case. Take masks home to be washed at the end of the week. Disposable masks should be replaced weekly.

Flutists: your Band Mask is a disposable mask that does not need to have a slit cut in the middle. Play your flute while wearing that mask to significantly reduce moisture blown across the headjoint. 

“Bell Covers” (fabric that covers your instrument bell) are required for Oboes, Clarinets, Bass Clarinets, ALL Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones, Euphoniums, Baritones, and Tubas. YouTube No-Sew Tutorial can be found HERE.

French Horn players are NOT required to use a bell cover. However, while setting up, place a music stand (with the top folded down) directly behind your bell. ADDED BONUS: Your sound will be reflected FORWARD. YAY!

Brass players are required to release “Music Juice” onto paper towels, not the floor. Thank you for disposing of these at the end of class. 🙂

Percussionists & Bass Players, Rhythm Section Members: Masks and gloves (provided) are worn at all times please. A spray bottle of disinfectant & cloth have been provided for the percussion section. Please spray down any instruments that you use in class. If you are using my sticks and mallets, please continue to place these on the back ledge so they can be sanitized.

NEW: Mouthpiece sanitizer is always available on the counter. Use as needed. Mandatory spray mouthpiece spray down during your last class of the week. 

If I have overlooked something in terms of COVID SAFETY or a protocol is NOT PRACTICAL for your instrument, PLEASE let me know. 🙂