Band This Week: September 14-18

Band This Week: September 14-18

Good evening Reynolds Band families!

Welcome to Week Two! It was great to meet our Grade 9s and welcome our Grade 10s back. THANK YOU for all wearing masks and being patient with the hand washing, the PowerPoints and all of the COVID protocols that we had to go over. 

I am looking forward to meeting with our Band 11 and 12 students and our Jazz Band students on Zoom this week! More information below.

1.) AB Block Grade 9s and 10s:

Given the air quality challenges we are facing right now, rehearsals will be held indoors. 

Grade 9s/10s – you will need your instruments for class on Tuesday, September 15th. If you need to borrow an instrument from the school, please see me ASAP on Monday. 

Grade 10s – please bring all of your music, folders, etc. back to Reynolds on Monday.


Bell Covers/Band Masks: please make a bell cover and a “Band/Muppet/Carin’ Mask” (“Carin’ ” … see what I did there?) for Tuesday’s class. A “band mask” is made by cutting a slit in a mask (allowing you to place your mouthpiece through that opening).

The bell cover YouTube video can be found here:

PE Strip: It would be really helpful to have all of you come to band 9/10 wearing your PE Strip. This will help cut down on the transition time between classes.

Here’s our class schedule for AB Block this week:

2.) Please complete the Student Information Google Form:

Thanks to everyone that has already done this! 103/200 students have filled this out so far. If only there were some sort of 80s rock song that signified reaching the half-way point of a task…? Hmmm…. Anyways, please get this filled out by the end of the day on Monday! Thanks, team!

Note: You must be logged in to an SD61 student Google account to access the form otherwise you will get a “You need permission” message. Go to and click “Sign in” to log in to your account.


3.) ALL GRADE 10s, 11s, 12s: Folder/Music Returns

Please return all music and the leatherette folders that were assigned to you over the 2019-2020 school year on MONDAY. Please place them in the folder carts on your way into the school. Hand sanitizer will be in the folder room for you to use.

2020 Band Grads (Included in this email ONLY) – your assistance in returning your music folders and any school-owned instruments this week is greatly appreciated. Email or PM me if you need assistance with this. Thank you!

4.) Zoom Meetings for Band 11/12 and Jazz Bands

ALL SENIOR BAND 11/12 STUDENTS: Our FIRST MEETING will be on Monday September 14 at 6pm on ZOOM:

Meeting ID: 920 1444 3516 / Passcode: 9WwzR0

ALL JAZZ BAND STUDENTS (Grades 9 -12): Our FIRST MEETING will be on Wednesday September 16th at 6:00pm on ZOOM:

Meeting ID: 913 2105 6842 / Passcode: 8iMkVV

Have a good week! Thank you for your care and thoughtfulness in regards to the re-start of band and music classes at Reynolds Secondary School.

Yours truly,

Jamie Davis



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