Band This Week: October 5-9, Band 10 Recording, Drumline Startup

Band This Week: October 5-9, Band 10 Recording, Drumline Startup

Hi Everyone! I can’t believe it’s already Halloween time… err… “October.”

Thanks for a great week last week! Thank you to everyone that supported Reynolds’ Cops 4 Cancer fundraising efforts this fall! If you haven’t heard yet, as of Friday morning we raised $30,322.47 DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC – AMAZING!  

Thank you to our Grade 10, 11, and 12 drumline members who performed for the Tour de Rock riders that came to the school! On top of playing extremely well you were organized, efficient, and professional – BRAVO! More drumline information for new members below.

I am excited for Pit Orchestra to begin this week! I am looking forward to working with all of you on this super fun show! 

Band 10! We have a recording session on Tuesday! I am excited to share your amazing work with the rest of our band family, and our community. More information below. 

Let’s do this! Have a great week!


Mr. Davis

Halloween Movie Enthusiast/Band Director at Reynolds Secondary School

1.) AB Classes This Week




2.) Morning, Lunch, After School Rehearsals








Drumline will meet on Monday & Wednesday at Lunch this week (See below). 

Friday = Parent/Teacher Interviews (Zoom). There will be no lunch or afterschool rehearsals on Friday. Band 12, and Band 10 are still on! 🙂

3.) Band 10 (Green Band) Recording Session

Band 10 will be recording 2 pieces on Tuesday (Darklands March and Don’t Stop Me Now)! I am excited for everyone to see and hear who I’ve been talking about for weeks!

Timing: Please arrive at the school in full uniform at 8:45am (not 9:00am) for set-up. Please get set-up and ready once the room is sanitized after Jr. Jazz Band.

Uniforms: Full uniforms are required. I expect first class uniforms with ZERO issues. Your whites need to be clean and wrinkle-free. Please speak to me on Monday if you need anything or if you have outgrown something. PLEASE TRY ON your uniform before Tuesday morning. I will not problem solve for you on Tuesday morning if you have left this until the last minute. Thank you!

Don’t forget your PHE strip and a change of clothes to change in to once we are done. :).

Uniform Storage: Due to COVID 19 uniforms can be stored until the end of the day IF they are in a suit/tux bag with your name on them. Hang them on the uniform racks provided in the folder room. The bags will be sanitized with “blue spray” once they have been hung up. No bag = no storage. Thanks for your understanding!

4.) Drumline Course Information

With the success of our C4C performance we are excited to welcome new members to the Reynolds Drumline! If you are interested in joining, please join us in the band room at lunch for an information meeting and to let me know what you would like to play.

Monday Lunch: Information meeting for new members at lunch meet in the band room. Current drumline members will rehearse outside with HUNTER JOHNSON (Reynolds Band Grad 2017). Hunter will join us for three Mondays to help everyone get off to a good start. Please welcome him!

Wednesday Lunch: First rehearsal for all new and current members. 

Eligibility: Drumline is open to any current member of the Reynolds Concert Bands. No experience is necessary! While in past years drumline was considered a “club” it is now a formalized COURSE which you will receive credit for like any other music class at Reynolds. You will receive a mark in Q2, Q3, and Q4 as well as a final grade. Work habits will be assessed as per usual and reported in Quarters 1-4

Teacher Directed/Student-Led: Weekly rehearsals are student-led. All other elements including attendance, rehearsal scheduling, supervision, equipment, the scheduling of performances (when possible), placement in the line/marching band, and grades/reporting are overseen by me. A lack of attendance and/or work ethic will result in removal from drumline and a failing grade.

I expect nothing short of perfection in terms of behaviour, kindness, and respect (to each other, to adults, and to our community/volunteers) during rehearsals as you will rehearse in public.

Marching Band Placement: The Drumline forms the percussion section of the Reynolds Marching Band in the spring. This does not guarantee that you will be in drumline for marching band parades. My first priority when building marching band is to a well-balanced and musical ensemble that is not percussion-heavy. First-priority for percussion in marching band will be given to Grade 11s and 12s.  

COVID 19: All rehearsals will take place outside. Hand washing before and after rehearsal and mask use/social distancing are expected and required at all times. 

Equipment: Instruments will be provided by the band program. All snare drummers are expected to purchase TWO pairs of sticks (1 pair of “logs” for drumline rehearsals and performances and 1 pair of Vic Firth 5As with WOOD tips for marching band rehearsals and parades- available from Long & McQuade)12

The items listed above are mandatory and non-negotiable. 

I am looking forward to another great year of drumline at Reynolds!



Finally, a few pics from our C4C Bottle Drive thanks to Owen Klaassen in Grade 9! Thanks, Owen!