CHAMBER CHOIR – May 26 Assignments Update:)

CHAMBER CHOIR – May 26 Assignments Update:)

Hello all,
A bunch of info headed your way on here…just know if you feel overwhelmed or need help, all you have to do is ask. I can be somewhat flexible on assignment due dates if you need it. But get it done as soon as you can so I can mark it and give you a grade for completing these assignments. I will make things as simple and stress free as possible, but ultimately you still have to get the work done. Stay in communication and you will do just fine. Thank you for your WONDERFUL RECORDINGS SO FAR…IF YOU DIDN’T TURN IT IN YET…PLEASE DO IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN. I AM PROUD OF YOU:)


Assigned Voicings: *this is based on last year and new people that signed up, if you wish to sign up or NOT participate please email me*

Soprano: Naomi Sehn, Millie del Villano, Abby Busby, Maya Fischer, Rebecca Gittens, Hannah Hoenisch, Akina Kishiyama, Kiara Habity, Andy Blair, Anita Rogalsky, Katya Silvester, Julianna Kwan, Zamira Beckford, Sara Walker, Ella Hunt

Alto: Meliz Yazganoglu, Kate Hansen, Sarah Terlesky, Annika Gustafsson, Sophie Gander, Andra Jones-Munro, Colby Harrison, Nairn Payne-Bryan, Ava Hagreen Leblond, Piper Sherlock, Tessa Laramee

Tenor: Alex Pearson, Marcus McKinnon, Finlay Jessop, Emil Partington, Madea Solberg

Bass: Owen Knight, Levi Ross, Alex Andersen, Dexter Gilbert, Thomas Andersen- any of the doubled notes that are lower can be sung by Alex, Thomas and Dexter. Higher octave Owen and Levi:)

Music for TERM 4 

1) Ubi Caritas by Trotta 

– please go to : and enter ACCESS CODE LrKZvN2f9MI= (don’t forget the equals sign at the end of the code) to view the SHEET music

Here is a printable copy of Ubi Caritas with some pronunciation notes to help you, plus my reminders (can’t you read my mind by now?): Ubi Caritas PDF page 1Ubi Caritas Page 2, Ubi Caritas Page 3

– a recording can be found here:

*Please DO NOT LEARN THE TOP SOLO LINE, that is going to be a violin solo performed by Sakura Ueji

Ubi Caritas Soprano part Track:

Ubi Caritas Alto part track:

Ubi Caritas Tenor Line:

Ubi Caritas Bass Line:

All voice parts:

-Your goal OVER THE NEXT TWO WEEKS: learn Measure 16-24 notes and rhythms of your assigned vocal part in Ubi Caritas – send a video recording or audio to me in a google drive to by June 2 to receive a mark – you can sing on the Latin text, please email me if you need more time.


CHOIR GRAD SONG: Grade 12’s ONLY, Choir Through the Years. This is PASS/FAIL, participate and you pass this assignment. More info to come on this, but this is what you voted on:)

PLEASE LOOK AT “YOUR SONG” ON PAGE 12 OF ROCKETMAN, you can find the music here: and enter ACCESS CODE LrKZvN2f9MI= (don’t forget the equals sign at the end of the code!) to view the SHEET music. PART SINGING WILL START  at m. 105, everything prior will be solos or small group singing. Focus on m.105-121 and learn your parts please.

– A recording of Rocketman (“YOUR SONG”) can be found here:

“Your Song” Parts:

Soprano m 105-121:
Alto m 105-121:
Tenor m 105-121:
Bass m 105-121:
ALL m. 105-121:


PAST DUE Projects:  get these done if you haven’t already!

1) BCMEA Recording:


Every Choir student in GRADE 9, 10 and 11 will learn the BCMEA Concert Choir audition requirements for this term as outlined in the link below. You will need to follow the instructions on the outline BUT YOU WILL SUBMIT YOUR RECORDINGS TO ME. Please submit audio recordings or video recordings to me in google drive at

This is PASS/FAIL, so just get it done and you will do well:) It is not overly challenging, but will present an opportunity for me to hear you sing, unfortunately BCMEA has been postponed for now but may resume in Feb 2021. THIS RECORDING WILL BE DUE ON FRIDAY, MAY 15. YOU DO NOT NEED TO STATE THE KEY OR STARTING PITCH, JUST RECORD THE EXERCISES AND STOP WHEN IT IS GETTING TOO HIGH OR LOW IN YOUR VOICE RANGE.

BCMEA auditions link:

Exercise #1 Sing O Canada (here is an instrumental recording in Eb Major to help you practice):

Exercise #2 Chromatic Scale sung on “la” (please use the recordings below to help you practice):

Recording starting on A:
Recording starting on C:

Exercise #3 of the BCMEA audition requirements. If you need help figuring out starting notes OR keys please email me and I will be happy to help you out:) **NOTE, only go as high as you can while singing properly, I went fairly high for some of our high voice people, but do what YOU are able to**

Exercise #3 Choral Warm up on mee meh ma mo moo:



Any questions, please email me!
All the best with your studies, I miss you all!
Ms. Kerr