Chamber Choir Update for June 10-14

Chamber Choir Update for June 10-14

Hello Chamber Choir students!
I hope you have all been doing well and that you have done some singing over the past few months – I truly miss hearing you sing and I am so sad we were unable to have Chamber Choir together this term.


Assigned Voicings: 

Soprano: Naomi Sehn, Millie del Villano, Abby Busby, Maya Fischer, Rebecca Gittens, Hannah Hoenisch, Akina Kishiyama, Kiara Habity, Andy Blair, Anita Rogalsky, Katya Silvester, Julianna Kwan, Zamira Beckford, Sara Walker, Ella Hunt

Alto: Meliz Yazganoglu, Kate Hansen, Sarah Terlesky, Annika Gustafsson, Sophie Gander, Andra Jones-Munro, Colby Harrison, Nairn Payne-Bryan, Ava Hagreen Leblond, Piper Sherlock, Tessa Laramee

Tenor: Alex Pearson, Marcus McKinnon, Finlay Jessop, Emil Partington, Madea Solberg

Bass: Owen Knight, Levi Ross, Alex Andersen, Dexter Gilbert, Thomas Andersen- any of the doubled notes that are lower can be sung by Alex, Thomas and Dexter. Higher octave Owen and Levi:)

Music for TERM 4 

1) Ubi Caritas by Trotta 

CLICK HERE for a printable copy of Ubi Caritas with some pronunciation notes to help you:=> Ubi Caritas PDF page 1Ubi Caritas Page 2, Ubi Caritas Page 3

– a recording can be found here:

*Please DO NOT LEARN THE TOP SOLO LINE, that is going to be a violin solo performed by Sakura Ueji

Ubi Caritas Soprano part Track:

Ubi Caritas Alto part track:

Ubi Caritas Tenor Line:

Ubi Caritas Bass Line:

All voice parts:

PLEASE HAVE THE ENTIRE PIECE LEARNED BY JUNE 14 all of your notes are expected to be LEARNED:)

All the best,

Ms. Kerr