Chamber Choir Virtual Choir Recording Info

Chamber Choir Virtual Choir Recording Info

Hi all,
I am disappointed that we can not rehearse together in person this week. I know we were in the planning stages to make it work safely, but after dicussing with admin we have decided that we will not go forward with larger group activities.
HOWEVER, I am going to offer the opportunity for a virtual choir for Ubi Caritas. We can use this recording at the end of the year celebration on July 1st, which will be live on Youtube (hosted by myself and Mr. Davis) which I think will be pretty cool! We will announce music awards and show past performances and some performances that have occured during this time of quarantine…we will feature new music as performed by our grad choir/band and our VJ singers. It will be a way we can honour our music students and all that you have accomplished this year, as well as give us a chance to feel closure to the end of this year.

What do YOU need to do:

1) Ensure ALL of your part is learned for Ubi Caritas, practice it over the next few days and be prepared. Attached you will find a recording of me conducting Ubi Caritas with a click track and you can use it to practice. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE CLICK TRACK/WATCH ME CONDUCT WHEN YOU RECORD SO THAT WE ALL SING THE SAME TEMPO. 

Here is my conducting recording…indicating entrances and cutoffs, breath marks etc. FOLLOW THEM CAREFULLY AND Look at the score I attached to see indicated breath marks and notes. CONDUCTING VIDEO=>

If you are better with auditory learning rather than visual, please watch/listen to me SINGING the soprano part using the click track to hear what I want for pronunciation, breathing and musicality. Here is a video of me singing =>

2) You will need TWO devices and a pair of headphones. One of the devices will have the click track/conducting video and your part playing in the back ground that you listen to with Headphones, You MUST USE HEADPHONES SO THAT THE PART TRACK IS NOT HEARD IN YOUR AUDIO RECORDING. The other device records your audio. My recommendation is a tablet or computer with headphones to play the track/conducting video and use YOUR PHONE to record. Please use the recording device that comes on your phone…every phone has one. ONLY RECORD AUDIO please do not record with video…that comes later.
3) Because you know your parts already and you will have my conducting video, I will need you to record sometime this week, so I can have time to put the audio together next weekend. SO Please get your audio recording in by Saturday, June 20. It shouldn’t take an overly long time for you to record Ubi Caritas, but check over the breath marks this weekend and listen to the original on Youtube. Please submit your audio recording as an MP3 to 
4) Once I receive all of the recordings I have to go through and match up your audio, which takes a painstakingly long time…but I think I can do it!
5) Once I finish the audio, we get together virtually and do a lip sync video to the audio we already recorded and I pieced together. EASY AS THAT, lol. The reason we lip sync is because syncing audio while scattered across Victoria doesn’t work, so we use your voices and actual recordings but we lip sync like a music video to capture a group video – fancy!
But I seriously think this could be pretty cool, but EVERYONE must commit to getting their recordings in ON TIME and to the best of their ability. This will be the final assignment for Chamber Choir this year. Please view the PDF music here (scroll down to where it says “here is a printable copy…”) and look at my penciled in markings:
Any questions, please let me know. If you need help please email me and we can book a time to meet at the school and I can help you, help record, whatever you need!
I wish we could be together, but this is the next best thing, so let’s make something great that we can be proud of! Finish strong on your exams!
I miss you all and I hope you are doing well,
Ms. Kerr