Choir and Strings Updates for May 6

Choir and Strings Updates for May 6

Happy May everyone! Here we go into the final push of the year, which means a lot of performance opportunities and a lot of practicing and rehearsal time to prepare for end of the year concerts. A lot can be happening, especially for our graduating students, so please take time to manage and stay on top of school work and rehearsal commitments. Let’s make end this year with unforgettable musical moments, hard work, fun  and dedication! 

Please note, that if you are missing rehearsals to attend extra marching band sessions, you need to make up for that practice time. Stay motivated, stay focused and make sure you take time to take care of yourself…go to bed at a reasonable hour:)

Thank you to everyone that came out to our first ever 19+ Dance to support our music programs on Saturday. It was a lot of fun to play and sing for the incredible Bobby Dazzler Band! This was a first for us and a huge thank you goes out to Mr. Davis, Mrs. Romphf (from Cedar Hill) and all of the parent volunteers that worked on making this event run.

Upcoming Events:

Musical Theatre BBQ, this will be held on June 9th from 3:30-8:00 at the Leslie House. More details to come, but I hope you can all make this time work in your schedule and arrange time off from work, etc. as soon as you can so we can get together.

Strings Orchestra Finale Information will be going out to students this week, we will perform on May 21st at UVic in the McKinnon Gym at 7pm. Please mark it in your calendar! We will be having a mandatory dress rehearsal with ALL high school strings players at Reynolds on May 16 from 3:30-5:00pm in our band room. Please make arrangements to attend.

Choir and Strings Concert, June 12 at St. Dunstans Church at 7pm

This week and next week, because we have upcoming marching band performances, Mr. Davis has requested some additional rehearsal times.

THIS WEEK students in Strings please go to Marching Band (if you are in marching band). Senior Jazz go to extra rehearsal on Wednesday after school rather than Concert Choir. On Thursday morning, Chamber Choir students will go to CHAMBER CHOIR.
NEXT WEEK May 15 & 16 ALL CHOIR STUDENTS (Concert and Chamber) WILL HAVE A MASS REHEARSAL ON WEDNESDAY FROM 3:15-4:30. CHAMBER CHOIR students, we will NOT meet Thursday morning as most of you are in Marching Band and must attend that final rehearsal. Please adjust your schedules now to accommodate as best you can. Strings students in Marching band please go to marching band on Wednesday Morning.

Here is what we have going on this week! Please watch for any changes and check with myself or Mr. Davis if you are unsure what to do.


3:20-4:30 Vocal Jazz, this is our new rehearsal time to prepare for end of year performances and learn new music. Please be there and be prepared with Poison Tree – we learned the whole ending section and this tune should be ready to run on mics and add musicality- BE PREPARED FOR TOMORROW. We will also be working on My Romance and Alone Together, give it a listen tonight, arranged by Greg Jasperse:)


7:15-8:20 Concert Choir, please be on time and ready to work on all of our end of year music. Lots to do, you are sounding great, let’s keep it going!

11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz, let’s work on our new music and prepare for our upcoming performances!

3:20- 4:45 Chamber Choir, I would like to work on Goodnight Moon and Wandrers and then read through Bohemian Rhapsody and Let the River Run. Please come with these prepared as music as possible.


7:15-8:20 Strings, please be on time and ready to play. If you are in marching band please go to that rehearsal this week.

3:20-4:45 Concert Choir, everyone needs to be there for the FULL rehearsal time, do not plan appointments during class time. If you are in Senior Jazz Band please go to an extra Jazz Band rehearsal after school.


7:15-8:20 Chamber Choir, everyone needs to be at Chamber Choir this week, we have lots to prepare for.

11:17-12:12 Strings, everyone needs to be there for rehearsal to prepare for our upcoming concerts

7pm RMPA Meeting, parents please come out and join us!


Extra help available if requested.

1:15-1:45, Possible rehearsal for Grad Song for any grade 12’s that would like to sing with our graduating Choir Students and the grad band.

This is a busy next few weeks with a lot of morning and after school rehearsals, just know it will all pay off! Please make sure you plan for upcoming work, homework, tests and rehearsals…balancing all of these things is an important skill so please schedule accordingly and get some sleep.

Let’s have a great week!

Ms. Kerr