Updates after Snow days Feb 13-15

Updates after Snow days Feb 13-15

Hello all,

I hope you have been staying cozy and warm amid the snow the past few days. I will be adjusting some of our schedules to avoid potential challenges in the weather…but really if you don’t feel safe getting to school due to weather, please just email to let me know. Student safety is always our number one priority, even though we have performances coming up that we need to prepare for being safe and healthy comes first.

That being said, we will roll with whatever Mother Nature throws at us this week and make adjustments as necessary – if you get stuck at home PLEASE use that time to practice for your ensembles, we  have a lot coming up int he next few weeks.

MUSICAL THEATRE CAST, CREW AND PIT BAND: Your T-shirt order forms and money ($20) are due tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 13 – due to snow days) in the blue box or to me by the end of the day. Extra order forms can be found on this website, so print them out if you need to and hand them in!

I have called an extra rehearsal for cast and crew on Friday, February 15. Please be there from 12-3:00 (Pro D Day). If there are any painters that can come help with set painting, please come and help out! All props need to be finished this week for our runs!

Family Day rehearsal is coming up on February 18 from 12-5:00, bring snacks and water! Tickets are on sale and closing night is nearly sold out, please see me or the office to buy tickets before they are gone! Performance Dates are March 4-9:)

CHOIR: Our Choral Collaboration is coming up on Saturday, February 23 at Belmont from 8:30-3:30. All singers are expected to attend and have been given permission forms that need to be signed and turned in along with $5 by Thursday, February 14. This is a fantastic opportunity for our singers to work with amazing choral clinicians and meet/sing with other students from around Victoria. We will learn a First Nations piece, sing in mass SSA and TTBB choirs and share our own music. I have arranged transportation but could use a few parent drivers if anyone is interested in helping out please let me know kkerr@sd61.bc.ca

CHOIR AND STRINGS: Please make sure you have a Pink Shirt, along with black pants, socks and shoes for our Pink Shirt Day Performance on February 26 at Reynolds.

Here are your updates for the week (weather permitting):






7:15-8:20 Strings CANCELLED. Try to get to school on time for your regular day classes. Stay safe and make sure you have a pink shirt for Feb 26.


3:25-4:45 MASS REHEARSAL WITH BOTH JUNIOR AND SENIOR CHOIRS, we will rehearse the mass pieces (You Will Be Found, Voices of the Ancients and Drunken Sailor) as well as run sectionals for Pie Jesu and Four Strong Winds. Please adjust your schedule accordingly. Please turn in your Choral Collaboration forms along with $5, due on Thursday at the latest, everyone is expected to participate:)

3:25-5:30 Musical Crew, come help out with painting and finishing building and props!


7:15-8:20 Senior Choir, please be on time and ready to sing. We only have a few more rehearsals to prepare for Choral Collaboration and Pink Shirt Day so everyone must be attending and practicing! Choral Collaboration Forms and money are due, please hand them in!

11:17-12:12 Strings- rehearse Pink Shirt Day music:)

3:25-5:30 Musical Theatre, working ending chase Scene and running Act 2 scenes with blocking and props.


Pro D day, no school. Musical Crew and Cast are called from 12-3:00 to make up for missed rehearsals from the snow. Check FB to see a detailed schedule. No Ensemble called for this rehearsal, but come help with the set if you like!


1:30-4:00 Musical Theatre running all dance numbers and Act 2 scenes with Pit Band. Everything is to be memorized and you will not be allowed scripts.

Be safe, stay warm and practice:)

Ms. Kerr