Choir/String/Musical Theatre Feb 4-10

Choir/String/Musical Theatre Feb 4-10

Hello all,

Thank you for a productive week in rehearsals last week and thank you for rolling with the changes while Mr. Davis recovers! All of the band students have been so kind, respectful and polite to or substitute band teachers, that is what we like to see – keep it up and keep practicing! If you need anything this week or have questions, please come see me and I will do my best to help you out. Any trip forms or payments can be given to me or put in the blue box.

Variety Show needs some talent! Mr. Gray is putting on a Variety show in order to help pay for vaccinations for children in Benin, Africa. There is a Reynolds alumni who is working with these children and has asked for any aid we can offer. So if you can come up with an act or come out on February 20 and donate Silent Auction Items or bring a monetary donation please let me or Mr. Gray know as soon as possible. Thanks for your support!

CHOIR STUDENTS: The Choral Collaboration notice/permission form is going out on Tuesday (sorry for the delay) and it will be posted on the website as well. I am asking that students bring in $5 to help cover the cost of transportation and I will need some parent drivers as well. A full day of choral music, sharing, collaborating and singing with students from around Victoria on Saturday February 23. Our singers have been working hard to learn some challenging music, and I can not wait for this outstanding opportunity, please make every effort to be there. Pink Shirt Day is February 26 (a day early) at Reynolds, make sure you have a Pink Shirt to wear that day!

MUSICAL THEATRE: Lots of big rehearsals coming up, make sure you are prepared and putting in extra practice time at home. Everyone will be attending every rehearsal from now until the show opens – so be prepared! Parents please be aware that some days I will need to keep students later than 5:30 in order to ensure everything is on schedule. Please be flexible and know I will make every effort to not keep them too late (6 at the latest). I will be adding some extra rehearsal times at lunch for soloists, please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates. Crew will be starting on Wednesday’s after school for any students not in Junior Choir, we have lots to get finished so come and get some work done! Thank you to our parent volunteers for coming in and helping with costumes on Sunday, you guys are amazing! Tickets are selling fast, particularly the final night (Saturday) is close to being sold out. Tickets available in the office or from me during rehearsals, get them soon!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and came out to our Silent Auction last weekend, it was a huge success and we raised just over $3600 for our production this year. Thank you especially to Yvonne Blair, Cheryl McKinnon, and Sherrie Hutchinson for organizing the event with me, and a huge thank you to our hosts at the Monkey Tree, it was a fun night!

Updates for the Week:


Vocal Jazz 11:17-12:12 – looking at new music and doing some sectional work, please be there!

Musical Theatre 3:25-5:30 – Take ME to Heaven Reprise- add Micah, Alexis and Sam, finish Spread the Love Around, Fantasy Dancers working on choreo. Ensemble choreo rehearsal. Boys plus Josh, Alexis and Dexter working on choreo and scenes with Paige and Tea. Alexis with Pit Band at 4:00. Sam with Pit Band at 4:30. Raise Your Voice Blocking with Nuns.


Junior Choir 7:15-8:20 – Lots of new music to learn, please be on time and ready to work. Students will be getting a information/permission form for our Choral Collaboration on February 23. Reminder, failure to attend class will result in not being able to attend the upcoming music tours.

Senior Choir 3:25-4:45 – Please be on time and ready to sing, we have lots of music to get through to prepare for concerts and tour, failure to attend class will result in the inability to go on tour.


Strings 7:15-8:20 Reading through our new music and adding and extra song for Pink Shirt Day

Junior Choir 3:25-4:45, please be there on time and ready to sing, we have a lot to go over!

Crew 3:25-5:00, come help out with painting and finishing props if you are not in junior choir, Anissa will have jobs that need to be finished. Make sure you sign in.


7:15-8:20 Senior Choir, a lot of late starts for this group…make sure you are there on time, it is your responsibility to be there!

11:17-12:12 Strings, working on new music and reviewing music that should have been practiced this week.

3:25-6:00 Musical Theatre РSitzprobe,  please set up quickly and we will start ASAP. Vocal warm up and then sing through of the entire show, have your music organized, First Act Music needs to be memorized. Be supportive, professional and prepared.


Crew 1:10-3:30, we have lots to do, come prepared to do whatever we need to finish for this week.


Musical Theatre 1:30-4:00, be on time and ready to go! We will review all dance numbers and clean those that need some work and block Bless Our Show (do a few dance moves with Kanika). I will block and run some scenes from Act 2. Solo work with Mr. Poon and fix anything that needed work after the Sitzprobe.

A busy month, but a lot of fun events coming up! Have great week, work hard and always do your best!

Ms. Kerr