Choir/String/Musical Updates Dec 11-14

Choir/String/Musical Updates Dec 11-14

Hello all,

A busy few weeks coming up in the music department, please ensure you are coming to rehearsals PREPARED and ready for what is to come. If you need help, please ask, we are here to help you! Please note that there are new practice tracks up for musical and choir to help you with your at home practice, the more prepared you are the more you can shine during your performances.  Please ensure that you are at every rehearsal and contributing to the success of your ensembles – this is crunch time and everyone is expected to be at rehearsal on time and prepared, let’s do this!

Please note that we will hand out and post concert order this week, so please check in to make sure you are up to date! Mr. Davis has our running order up on his blog, please check it out!

Musical Theatre Silent Auction tickets will be made available for students to sell this week as well. $20 for the ticket and a burger and beer will be included for a fun night out for any of us adults wanting to have a fun evening to support our musical theatre program! It will be on January 27 from 4-8 at the Monkey Tree Pub- could be a great gift for this holiday season!

ALSO: The Tree Recycling Sign Up is now online: HERE

Here are your updates for the week!


Arrive at 2:45 and meet in room 143 and band room, NOT THE THEATRE until 3pm. Musical Theatre DRESS REHEARSAL, show up with all your costume pieces, hair and make-up finished according to info sent out by our costume team. If you need help, show up early and we will help you out! Please Review Sunday Morning Fever and bring your energy to rehearsal! Our performance at the Variety Show will be on Wednesday, December 12 in the Reynolds Theatre, admission by donation and Musical performance will be near the beginning of the show.


7:15-8:20 Junior Choir, please be on time and ready to sing! We have lots to review and prepare for our concerts NEXT week. Soloists will be announced and please start singing off book for our rehearsals.

11:17-12:12- Vocal Jazz all music is to be learned by this date, if you don’t know the part you will not be able to participate in the number. Soloists be ready for Masquerade, we will be rehearsing with our band and on mic. Review, review, review and be prepared- this is the last week before our performances!

3:25-3:45 – Senior Choir. everyone os expected at rehearsal with their music practiced and ready to run. Senior Vocal Jazz will have a rehearsal session from 4:25-4:45 on Light In the Hallway


7:15-8:20 Strings – please be ready to play through our set and do some sight reading this week:) Work through those tuning issues identified last week and get it under your fingers!

11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz- extra rehearsal to run Light In the Hallway and All I Want for Christmas backgrounds

3:25-4:45 Junior Choir, see everyone after school to run our set for the concert and learn those few last songs in Christmas on Broadway- be on time and ready to work, this is the last week!

6pm call time for Musical Theatre Students Variety Show Performance– come with your hair and makeup done as best you can, show starts at 7pm, sound check at 6:20 for those with mics- please have your outfit on. Admission by donation, have your friends and family come out and support the various performing arts within our school!


7:15-8:20 Senior Choir – BE ON TIME, we are running our set with Alanna, soloists be prepared, LAST EARLY REHEARSAL before holidays begin, let’s make it count!

11:17-12:12 Strings – run our set list and go over running order in concert for next week – this is our last rehearsal before break- bring a treat to share!

3:25-4:30 Musical Theatre– Short rehearsal, stay tuned on fb page for what scenes I will select to work on, let’s have some fun after a long week:) Silent Auction forms were to be handed out last weekend and I will ask everyone about their progress. Please fill out the Google doc when you have secured an item.

7:00- RMPA meeting, come join us!


10:40-11:06 ALL CHOIR AND SENIOR BAND REHEARSAL for Christmas on Broadway in the Band Room. Bring your lunch, we will sing through a couple of time and you will know what to expect for next week!

1-3:00 Crew, last meeting before break, we need to make sure everything is stored before break and set pieces and are ready to go for when we get back.

A big few weeks ahead, take care of yourselves and one another and let’s end 2018 with some exceptional concerts. Put into it what you want to get out of it and we will go far! Enjoy your extra day, and make sure you come with some energy to rehearsal this week! We’re almost there folks!

Ms. Kerr