Choir/String/Musical Updates Dec 3-7

Choir/String/Musical Updates Dec 3-7

Hello all,

And we are into December already! A lot of events coming up over the next few weeks, so please ensure you are attending all rehearsals and showing up on time-if you are sick or have any type of conflict please have a parent email us. Practice will be essential to your success, please do your part to contribute to your ensembles success, and let’s make this a great month of performances! Thank you to our parent volunteers and our amazing students that did such great work on our latest fundraisers for Purdy’s and Poinsettias. And a huge thank you to our Musical Theatre parents that have been volunteering doing costumes and organizing our storage areas, you are so appreciated!


Musical Theatre, Performing Arts Variety Show Information:

NOTE** Our Dress Rehearsal time has been moved from the original time, It will be December 10 (a Pro D day) from 3:00-5:00pm in full make-up/hair and costume. Please show up with your hair and make-up done, unless you need help, then we can have parents help you out. We originally were going to come in early but we can not access the theatre until after regular school hours on a Pro D. We will make sure everything looks/sounds great and be on our way!

The Performing Arts Variety Show performance is Wednesday, December 12 at 7pm and is open to anyone who would like to come, admission by donation and call time is 6 pm:)

To help with practicing success, here is the list of tunes for Choir and Strings ensembles for our Concert on December 18 @7pm in the Reynolds gym, call time is at 5:40 for Choir in the gym (be on time for yearbook pics) and 6:00pm for strings (meet in art room -143 to tune with Linda)

Junior Choir: A Million Dreams, Canticle of Winter, Christmas On Broadway, Like A River In My Soul and Christmas Sing A Long

Senior Choir: Winter Wind, Ecce Novum, Like A River In My Soul, Christmas On Broadway, Christmas Can Can

Strings: Dia De Los Muertos, Still, Still, Still and Alla Tchaikovsky 

Vocal Jazz will be performing on Jazz Nite on December 19 @ 7pm in the Reynolds gymnasium – you will perform Winter Wonderland, This Masquerade and All I want For Christmas is You. Senior VJ will perform Light In the Hallway.

Senior and Junior Tour Information has been handed out, if you still need a trip form please see myself or Mr. Davis or check this website and look under Tour Information to see a copy of the trip form. This is open to both Band and Choir Students and will have performances opportunities for both groups along the way. We are looking at adding more fundraising opportunities for students as well to earn money for these trips. If students are not attending rehearsals or have failing grades or poor citizenship (ie. truancy, suspension, etc.) they will be unable to attend the trip.

Updates for this week – PRACTICE, BE PREPARED AND BE FOCUSED, it’s go time!


11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz – Have your music learned – no note pounding this week, it’s all musicality, phrasing, intonation and groove – DO YOUR PART, dedication and hard work is part of the deal in an auditioned ensemble. I will be listening to individuals this week on mic, so be ready. Soloists auditions for Masquerade and All I Want For Christmas is You.

3:25-5:00 Musical Theatre PLEASE HAVE ALL YOUR COSTUME PIECES BROUGHT IN FOR SUNDAY MORNING FEVER. All Nuns will try on their outfits and will rehearse with them on to ensure everything works while dancing. I will ask every person their progress on Silent auction items, have an answer for me:)

With Kanika:

  • Boys review Find My Baby
  • Nun Ensemble do some new choreography for Take Me to Heaven Reprise (have a listen tonight)
  • Run Sunday Morning Fever with mics for soloists to see if they stay on while dancing, are placed correctly and if we can balance the sound- Shelby running sound

With me:

Ensemble group and Micah and Sam we will review music for I Could Be That Guy and then we will start new Spread the Love Around music. Nic S. you are learning lines as a cop for scene 8 – talk to Sam WB and get an outfit:)


7:15-8:20 Junior Choir please be on time and ready to sing, we only have a few more rehearsals left before our big performance. Unexcused absences affect our ensemble unity and strength and also affect your grade in the class and ability to attend music tours and other fun activities, make sure you are there.

11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz we will have another day of working on Light In the Hallway with our senior VJ group, it was sounding great last week, let’s keep moving on it!

3:25-4:45 Senior Choir please ensure you have reviewed your music and done some practice, if you are wanting to do a solo for Can Can have it ready and we will audition for it on this day:)


7:15-8:20 Strings, make sure you have practiced and gone through the musicality that we discussed during rehearsals last week:)

3:25-4:45 Junior Choir, please be on time and ready to sing after school!

Coffee Night – 5pm start, come support the local Reynolds talent and have a fun night, with snacks! See Astrid for details!


7:15-8:20 Senior Choir, BE ON TIME, BE PREPARED and let’s make great music and have FUN:)

11:17-12:12 Strings, see you at lunch, be prepared and let’s have some fun!

3:25-5:00 Musical Theatre, we will have another Music session day, stay tuned for who is needed – for sure Emily, Sarah and Maya you will rehearse Take Me to Heaven and Fabulous Baby with me AND the Pit Band – please take a listen at home this week! Nun Ensemble we can look at Take Me to Heaven Reprise or It’s Good To Be a Nun – both are fun and should be a good time:) Sam I think we can do your tune this week too:) Ensemble students will not be needed on Thursday! SILENT AUCTION letters are to be handed out by this day – get on it!


Musical Crew 1-3:00 Props for Dec 12 MUST BE FINISHED, all hands on deck! And we need a small group of students that will be able to move props for our Dec. 12 show – Anissa will organize and those people must be at our dress rehearsal on Dec 10 from 3-5. Thanks for your work last Friday, we got a lot accomplished!

Enjoy your week, work hard, be prepared and have fun!

Ms. Kerr