Choir/String/Musical Updates for Dec 9-13

Choir/String/Musical Updates for Dec 9-13

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a good weekend, please ensure you are putting in practice time before all of your rehearsals this week! This is the last week for early morning rehearsals, we are almost there folks! I am so proud of all the work you have been doing, let’s make sure you showcase that hard work to the best of your ability over the next two weeks! Thank you to Blue Band and Mr. Davis for letting me play my trumpet with them last week, that performance was tough and it meant a lot for me to be a part of it – thank you for your kindness and professionalism.

Students can now sign up for one shift of Christmas Tree Recycling, this is a huge fundraiser for Reynolds so please sign up to make some money for your Student Accounts!

Thanks to Fifth Street for an outstanding Vocal Jazz Retreat on Friday – I am so proud of all of my VJ students and I can’t wait to hear you at rehearsal this week, I hope you had fun and learned a lot! Let’s keep this exceptional musicality going:)

Events Coming Up:

Monday December 9, full dress rehearsal for the Winter Showcase after school. We need lots of extra help from parent and student volunteers that can help with hair and makeup, so please be there right after school if you can lend a hand! Students remember to bring your makeup and ALL of your costume pieces for right after school. This is a full run and clean for your performance on Wednesday. Ensure you are clean and ready to perform!

Tuesday December 10, Senior Choir Workshop with Elizabeth MacIsaac right after school on Northern Lights – please put some practice time in on this piece before Tuesday.

WINTER SHOWCASE on DECEMBER 11 @ 7pm in the Reynolds Theatre – ALL MUSICAL THEATRE AND PIT BAND STUDENTS will be performing Sweet and Lowdown. Call time will be 5:30 for ALL MUSICAL CAST AND SELECTED CREW MEMBERS.

Monday, December 16, EXTRA CHOIR REHEARSAL AFTER SCHOOL FROM 3:25-4:30 FOR ALL JUNIOR AND SENIOR CHOIR STUDENTS, Musical Theatre will be cancelled. We will be running our program for the concert, EVERYONE MUST ATTEND THIS MANDATORY REHEARSAL – it will be the last one before Winter Break, so let’s make it count! Junior Choir students will sing at 8am on this day in the band room with the BLUE BAND to rehearse our Holiday Sing Along:)

WINTER CONCERTS are coming up for CHOIRS, CONCERT BANDS AND STRINGS on DECEMBER 17 @ 7pm in the Reynolds Gym and VOCAL JAZZ AND JAZZ BANDS on DECEMBER 18 @ 7pm in the Reynolds Gym. MAKE SURE TO BE THERE:)

Here are your Updates for the Week:

Monday December 9

11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz – THANK YOU for an outstanding retreat on Friday, I had so much fun making music with you all! Let’s run through tunes with our rhythm section and focus in on trying out some of those solo sections in  Le Nommage and Scarborough. I would like to hear the ending of Scarborough tomorrow and clean anything that needs to be worked on. Come prepared and know how proud I am of how far you have come over the past couple of weeks:)

3:25-5:00 Musical Theatre, FULL DRESS REHEARSAL IN FULL COSTUME, HAIR AND MAKEUP. Please bring EVERYTHING you need and help out wherever is needed to make sure everything runs smoothly. I am SO PROUD of this group of students, you sounded fantastic on Thursday and I can’t wait for everyone to see your hard work!

Tuesday December 10

7:15-8:20am Junior Choir in Annex C, Please ensure you are on time and prepared. Only a few more rehearsals until your big performance. PLEASE DO NOT MISS ANY REHEARSALS THIS WEEK, this is the last week before your concert! HAVE your music MEMORIZED for this rehearsal, we are going off book so be prepared:)

11:17-12:12 Senior Vocal Jazz in Annex C. Let’s run all of your tunes with the Rhythm Section – please be OFF BOOK and MEMORIZED:)

3:25-4:45pm Senior Choir in Annex C,CLINIC WITH ELIZABETH MACISAAC, everyone must attend this rehearsal and please KNOW YOUR PART for Northern Lights, she will go through this song with you in detail. Be professional, be prepared and let’s have fun making music together! I have standing arrangements that I would like to try out as well and play with some visual storytelling within our music:)

Wednesday December 11

7:15-8:20am Strings in the Theatre. Please be on time, get tuned and be prepared with notes practiced especially for Steampunk and Journey of the Magi. Ensure you have put in practice time before this rehearsal!

3:25-4:45 Junior Choir, in Annex C, please be on time and prepared to do some work after school today. We will be running our set for the concert with soloists and percussionists!

Thursday December 12

7:15-8:20am Senior Choir, please be ON TIME and ready to sing, a lot of progress last week, please ensure you have put in practice time and are memorized this week!

11:17-12:12 Strings in the THEATREplease be on time and ready to play. We will try running our set and cleaning a few sections.

3:25-4:00 Musical Theatre, I will do some blocking for Fascinating Rhythm and we will end early, you need some time off after a busy week of performing!

7pm RMPA Meeting, come join us!

Friday December 13

1:10-3:00 Musical Crew, CANCELLED, you did a lot of extra work this week for the Variety show, enjoy Friday off!

Looking forward to a great week of music making with you all. Please practice before your rehearsals and ensure you are contributing to the team – every voice/instrument matters! Take care of one another, be kind, work hard and have fun.

Ms. Kerr

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