Choir/String/Musical Updates for Jan 18-22

Choir/String/Musical Updates for Jan 18-22

Hi all,

Thanks for a great week last week, starting new music, sight reading and fully participating in our rehearsals. Remember, only a few weeks left in the term so finish strong. If you have something going on, please just email me to ensure your term 2 grade is not affected. If you do not feel well, stay home – just ensure you email so that I know you will be away. I am so proud of the work you are doing during this challenging time, and the fact that you sound so fantastic is what is uplifting my spirit during the dreary month of January! Thank you and let’s keep making great music together!


For Important Dates coming up for Freaky Friday and TICKET PURCHASING INFORMATION please check out this link:

Please help us spread the word and let people know we have a GREAT show on our hands that we want EVERYONE to see!! These kids have worked hard through this challenging year and come up with a fantastic show – funny, uplifting and heartwarming! Check it out, tickets on sale FEBRUARY 1st!


Here is the schedule for the week:


Monday, January 18:

3:00-5:00PM MUSICAL THEATRE, Please check GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR FULL DETAILS!! NOTE THE TIME EXTENSION, WE GO UNTIL 5PM!A list of MEMORIZED MUSIC WAS SENT OVER THE WEEKEND, be ready! Please look at costume list and start bringing in your parent/student looks to be approved by me this week – if you need something still you must ask and we can help you out!
Tuesday, January 19:
7:30-8:30AM SENIOR CHOIR, working on new music together!
11:30-12:15 VOCAL JAZZ, in the Band Room with ALL SINGERS and Thomas, let’s take a look at some new music!
3:00-4:15PM JUNIOR CHOIR, working on new music together and doing sectional work with Senior Choir students!
3:30-5:00 MUSICAL THEATRE DANCE REHEARSAL with Kanika. Check Google Classroom for details!

Wednesday, January 20:

7:30-8:30AM JUNIOR CHOIR, learning new music together, please be on time and ready to sing!
3:00-4:15 SENIOR CHOIR,IN THE BAND ROOM. Working on new music together! We will split for some sectional time today as well!

Thursday, January 21:

7:30-8:30 AM STRINGS, in the BAND ROOM, you will be getting new music to read through, jazz band kids are in JB this week!
11:30-12:15 Musical Theatre music review with Nadia and Grace, meet in Band Room.
3:00-5:00PM MUSICAL THEATRE, check Google Classroom for details! 

Friday, January 22:

Musical CREW from 12:30-3:00 meet in the Art Room after school please! We need to do some painting and construction work today after school, so bring some old clothes you don’t mind getting paint on! We are starting Scene prop boxes today as well!


I hope you all have a great week! Thank you for bringing so much joy to our program this year folks, I’m proud of you!

Ms. Kerr