Choir/String/Musical Updates for March 9-13

Choir/String/Musical Updates for March 9-13

Hello everyone,
What a whirlwind over the past 3 weeks!! A massive Congratulations to our Cast, Crew and Pit Band for an incredible two weeks of Musical Theatre performances of Nice Work If You Can Get It. This show was so much fun to work on this year and the end result was beyond my wildest dreams – incredibly polished, professional and full of kids that put so much time, effort and heart into all of their performances. I am SO TIRED but every minute of it was worth it to see the end result, saying that I am proud is an understatement, I was absolutely blown away with every aspect of this show. Bravo to Alex and Shelby for calling the final show on their own, I know I have done my job when you no longer need me and I very much enjoyed watching for the first time ever during a performance and cheering you all on. YOU ARE ALL INCREDIBLE, THANK YOU, but for now let’s get some much needed rest, I am barely functional:)  Lastly, thank you to our incredible production team of Mr. Davis, Kanika Jackson, Tea Siskin, Carol Kerr and Jacquelin Green, we couldn’t have done this without your outstanding work:) Thank you to our backstage parent helpers and to everyone that came to support the show each night, it was a brilliant run of performances with incredible audience support, we felt the love:)


Any musical theatre students that need a poster, I still have a few left. Please ensure you come and collect any of your costume pieces over the next few days and take it home. If any parents can stop by this week to help wash costumes, we have them sorted – just stop by and let me know what you can do! If you left Tupperware or dishes they are clean (thanks Laura) and in the back kitchen, please pick them up ASAP or they could go missing. Lauren you need to pick up your costume bag and clothing itms inside and Owen Andrews your poster is in the band room.
Crew students, we need to disassemble some items and return things to other teachers, so please plan on meeting Wednesday after school and POSSIBLY FRIDAY. If we all get together mid week and put things away, we should be in decent shape headed in to Spring Break. Mr. Clifford has offered to assist with the taking down of the set as well, so stay tuned…we will likely;y just be putting stuff back in the dungeons and putting back any borrowed items. PLEASE COME HELP US FINISH THIS BEFORE BREAK! Thank you to my amazing Crew – you are outstanding humans!

Here is your schedule for this week:

Monday, March 9:

After School: assisting with sorting costumes for Musical, and come collect YOUR PERSONAL ITEMS

Tuesday, March 10:

 7:30- 8:20AM Junior TOUR CHOIR ONLY:  Anyone on the Junior Tour to Edmonton please be at Rehearsal by 7:30 to go over our Tour music before break
 11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz Let’s work on our new music, I have missed you <3
3:25-3:45  ANYONE INTERESTED IN CHAMBER CHOIR PLEASE COME FOR A QUICK INFO MEETING ABOUT AUDITIONS. If you were in it last year and want to do it again you do NOT need to re-audition as long as you are in good standing, but please sign up in the Choir Room so I know who is still interested in doing it.
Hawaii Tour Meeting at 6:30 pm in Band Room for all Senior Choir Tour Students.

Wednesday, March 11:

7:15-8:20 Strings See you bright and early to work on our new music and to sign up for Playing test times…these are due by March 13.


 Junior TOUR Choir 3:25-4:30 We have a Junior Tour Rehearsal today after school with ALL Edmonton Tour Choir members – please be there so we can be prepared for our trip performances!
3:25-5:30 MUSICAL THEATRE CREW Please meet after school to start putting away our set pieces. We will not be disassembling the set ourselves, but we will be putting all set pieces away before break. come get it done today so we aren’t here on Friday:)

Thursday, March 12:

7:15-8:20 Senior Choir CANCELLED, You need to go to Marching Band this morning, have fun!
LUNCH Strings This will be a playing test day, anyone who would like to do their playing test in person, I will go down the list and mark you on your term 3 requirements for Strings. Playing test info is here: Strings term 3
Parent Teacher Interviews from 2:30-7:00 So it’s Early Dismissal for Students
Junior Tour Trip Parents Meeting for Edmonton is at 7pm in the Theatre
RMPA Meeting at 7PM in the conference Room * I will not be attending due to the trip meeting, but will send in notes

Friday, March 13: 

Musical Theatre Crew, we *may need to finish putting some things away in the dungeon after school. Stay tuned, the more help we have on Wednesday the quicker we can get this finished! Thank you for your help on this!

Game Board Night, open to everyone between 6:30 and 8:30, bring games and snacks and friends and have fun. Thank you to our Music Council students for organizing this!


SPRING BREAK!! Be safe, have fun, rest up and PRACTICE YOUR TOUR MUSIC:)
Thank you for a stellar last few months, I can not tell you how proud I am of our outstanding music students – you are the best kids around<3 To My MUSICAL THEATRE GRADS, I will truly miss you all – superstars every last one of you, thank you for a fantastic final year with you, don’t be a stranger!

Ms. Kerr