Choir/String/Musical Updates for Nov 12-15

Choir/String/Musical Updates for Nov 12-15

Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your long weekend and are able to take some time to reflect on this important day and pay respect to all those that sacrificed so much for our country.

Thank you to all of our amazing students for such a great week of music performances last week. The Back In Action Concert was truly exceptional and I was so excited to hear such incredible music and support Mr. Davis on a very strong start for our musicians this year – BRAVO. Thank you to all of my Choir students for a beautiful performance on Friday for our Remembrance Day Assembly, I thought you all sounded fantastic and there was a lot of dimension to your ensemble sound – BRAVO! Again a VERY strong start for our Music Program – please keep attending rehearsals, practicing and choosing to be exceptional. If you put in the time and effort and combine it with kindness and teamwork we will be an unstoppable force:) For all the parents, friends and family that came out to support these musicians and our program, THANK YOU – we can’t do what we do without your support and it is so appreciated! AND NOW, it’s time to get ready for our Winter Concerts coming up on December 17 (Band, Choir, Strings) and 18 (Vocal Jazz and Jazz Bands), let’s do this!


Junior Band/Choir Tour to Edmonton, forms and payments were due on Friday, if you forgot to turn them in please do so by THIS Friday. No extensions beyond that.

Hawaii Senior Tour – your cheques will be cashed on Wednesday this week!

Vocal Jazz Retreat- we will be having a retreat with Fifth Street singers on December 6th– please ensure you have that day off. We will rehearse with them after school, have a clinic, eat a group dinner and go to Game Board Cafe for some fun and bonding time. Info will go out to you during our Tuesday rehearsal:) Can’t wait!!

Hillside Night of Lights Tickets – please have those payments in by TOMORROW, NOV 12 labelled with your name into the blue box in the band room. Please hand in any other unsold tickets as well. This event takes place on November 17, so next weekend!

Here is what is coming up this week:

Tuesday November 12

7:15-8:20 Junior Choir in Annex C, Please be on time and ready to sing! After a long weekend I expect everyone to be there, we have a lot of music to work on for our next performance, let’s get it done. ALL JAZZ BAND/CHOIR students please GO TO CHOIR because JB is cancelled.

11:17-12:12 Senior Vocal Jazz in Annex C. Please be on time and be prepared, USE THOSE PRACTICE TRACKS:) I will be handing out Retreat info…YOU MUST ATTEND THIS REHEARSAL.

3:25-4:45pm Senior Choir in Annex C, Please be on time and ready to sing after school. We have a lot of music to prepare for our next performance!

Wednesday November 13

7:15-8:20am Strings in the Theatre, make sure you are all in attendance and HAVE YOUR INSTRUMENT AND MUSIC. We will be preparing for our Winter Concert performance and all cello players interested in the district “Cellobration” must pick up their music and information sheet to take home.

3:25-4:45 Junior Choir, Please be on time and ready to sing. If you are a part of the flex program, please arrange to leave the museum a little sooner in order to be on time for our rehearsals. I will speak to your teachers, but make sure you are accountable.

Thursday November 14

7:15-8:20am Senior Choir, please be ON TIME and ready to sing, we have a lot of music to still work on, so let’s keep this train moving! I expect some practicing to have been done on your Winter Concert music:)

11:17-12:12 Strings in the THEATREplease be on time and ready to play. Bring your lunch and let’s get some work done!

3:25-5:00 Musical Theatreeveryone needs to be in attendance for this rehearsal. We will run Sweet and Lowdown and do some cleaning and then do a little more choreo on Fascinating Rhythm. I EXPECT all of you to have put in some time rehearsing your music and Choreo for these two numbers- we missed Monday, so I need you to stay on top of it and put in the time. If I do not have your Contract signed by this Thursday you will not participate in the Winter Showcase…get it done, it’s not difficult. Please remember that I need you all to start handing out Silent Auction Letters, we will have the Google Doc up for you to fill out places you have dropped the letter off and where you have gotten any items from. PLEASE JOIN OUR FACEBOOK group in order to view the choreo and practice and to get links to the Google Doc (if you don’t have fb, I can add a parent). Be accountable for yourself, and please know that I am watching and seeing who is putting in effort and working hard, and who isn’t…the more you put in, the more opportunities you are offered. So far, a LOT of excellent work by this group overall:) This is going to be an OUTSTANDING show!

7pm RMPA Meeting, parents, please come join us!

Friday Nov 15

Musical Crew 1:15-3:00 We will be building some props and I want to do some staging practice with a few of you for our Winter Showcase. I need some people working on crate painting and maybe a few small building projects.

Let’s have a great week of music making, we are moving on to Winter Concert Music, so that means putting in practice time for a lot of different ensembles – if you are in multiple ensembles, you are responsible for practicing for ALL ensembles and attending ALL rehearsals. We have high expectations for all groups, just attend, work hard and have FUN! Choose to be great and you will be, I know you are all capable and talented musicians, so let’s do this!

All the best,

Ms. Kerr


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