Choir/String/Musical Updates for November 4-8

Choir/String/Musical Updates for November 4-8

We have reached November already and have a lot of events coming up! Thank you for a fun Halloween week full of good rehearsals and a lot of hard work in order complete your first term of the school year! I have been working away on report cards this weekend, so thank you for getting your playing tests in and putting practice time in. Get ready it is going to be a busy week!

Events coming up this week:

Back In Action BAND CONCERT on Tuesday evening in the Reynolds Gym at 7pm- everyone please come out to support our amazing Band Program and Mr. Davis on their first concert of the year! If you have any baking skills it would be much appreciated if you could bring in some treats to sell at our Bake Sale that day. Just drop them off to myself or Mr. Davis on Tuesday any time.
Remembrance Day Assembly  FRIDAY NOVEMBER 8 from 10-11:00am. ALL CHOIR STUDENTS WILL BE SINGING and MUST BE IN FULL UNIFORM OF ALL BLACK DRESS CLOTHES and EITHER A BLUE SCARF OR TIE. Scarves, ties and choral folders were handed out last week so please ensure you bring them to school with you that morning or come dressed to school in your uniform. I will give you a poppy to wear that morning or you can wear your own. Choir students will be called down at 9:15am in order to have time to change into their uniform and warm up and get seated on the risers. If you are in the Senior Band you will wear your all black choir uniform. The Choir will perform O Canada in French and English and We Remember them. ALL CHOIR STUDENTS (JUNIOR AND SENIOR) WILL REHEARSE THIS TUESDAY AFTER SCHOOL (November 5) and then you can head over to assist with setting up for the band Concert (we will end rehearsal by 4:00 so that students are not rushed for the band concert). Parents are welcome to attend this Assembly, but seating is limited.
Strings Students, our permanent Rehearsal Space will be in the Theatre on Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoons, yay! Thanks to Mr. Gray and Mrs. Anderson for helping us find a bigger space and adjusting their spaces to accommodate -Reynolds arts department is awesome! And well done to all of you who handed in your playing tests last week, a lot of great playing – BRAVO!
MUSIC WEAR forms are out, please take them home this week if you are interested in getting Reynolds Music Wear! You can also pick up Purdy’s pamphlets from the Band Room if you are interested in selling chocolates to fundraise for your student accounts. Hillside Night of Lights Tickets are still available from me this week, just swing by my office and I will get you some!

Here are your Updates for the Week:

Monday November 4

11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz -we will look at some new sections tomorrow together and do some sectional work. Please have a listen to your practice tracks and come PREPARED. Here is a link to practice tracks:

3:25-5:00 Musical Theatre, We will be working on music for the end of Fascinating Rhythm and doing Review on Demon Rum. Scene work with Tea on the stage with Grace F., Sam, Arlo, Alexis, Dexter, Nadia, Marcus, Levi.

Tuesday November 5

3:15-4:00pm Junior Choir in Annex C, THIS REHEARSAL HAS MOVED TO AFTER SCHOOL TUESDAY SO THAT WE CAN HAVE A MASS REHEARSAL WITH THE SENIORS TO PREPARE FOR REMEMBRANCE DAY- MANDATORY REHEARSAL. Go to Jazz Band 9 if you are in it or enjoy a morning off- don’t forget to come to Choir after school 3:15-4:00.

11:17-12:12 Senior Vocal Jazz in Annex C. Please be on time and be prepared, I will be putting you on the sound system, so no hiding:) USE THOSE PRACTICE TRACKS:)

3:15-4:00pm Senior Choir in Annex C, MASS CHOIR REHEARSAL for Senior and Junior Choir, this is MANDATORY and you can help with band set up AFTER this rehearsal if you have signed up to help. We will go over the plan for Remembrance Day and rehearse We Remember Them and O Canada in French and English.

BACK IN ACTION CONCERT – this is a Band Concert only, NO strings or Choirs. Please come and support Mr. Davis and our Bands at 7pm in the Reynolds gym! I can’t wait to hear you all!

Wednesday November 6

7:15-8:20am Strings CANCELLED – because so many of you were involved in the Band Concert you need a morning off from a late night, enjoy a sleep in. Please meet on Thursday and PUT IN PRACTICE THIS LONG WEEKEND:)

3:25-4:45 Junior Choir, Last rehearsal before our performance on Remembrance Day, please be on time and prepared! We will also look at new sections of our other music for the Winter Concert. Please ensure that you have a uniform of ALL BLACK ready for our performance on Friday. That is black pants, dress shirt, black socks and black shoes. You can wear a black skirt or dress as long as you wear black tights and no spaghetti straps – look classy and get in those payments for scarves/ties and choral folders this week.

Thursday November 7

7:15-8:20am Senior Choir, please be ON TIME and ready to sing, we have a lot of music to still work on, so let’s keep this train moving! Last rehearsal before Remembrance Day, please come prepared:)

11:17-12:12 Strings in the THEATREplease be on time and ready to play. Bring your lunch and let’s get some playing done!

3:25-5:00 Musical Theatreeveryone needs to be in attendance and we will start some dancing on Fascinating Rhythm with Kanika. Sam WB please get in touch with me about tap shoes so I can put out a call and see if I can borrow some for you this year. Sam, Nadia, Arlo and Alexis please come with Makeup done and hair clean so we can take some photos of you in costume for the poster.

Friday Nov 8

Remembrance Day Assembly: Junior and Senior CHOIR Students will be called down by 9:15am to the gym to change and warm up. Your teachers will be notified. Please ensure your uniform is pressed and not wrinkled- look sharp. You must have a blue tie with a collared shirt OR a scarf as a part of your uniform. the Choir sings first around 10:15am. You will sing O Canada in French and English and We Remember Them.

Musical Theatre Crew 1:10-2:30– please meet in Room 143 across from the band room! We will start working on a few projects and look at the design for the set and search for some items we will need in the dungeons.Time to start building some barrels:)

Looking forward to a great week of music and performance!

Ms. Kerr