Choir/String/Musical Updates for the Week of Oct 15

Choir/String/Musical Updates for the Week of Oct 15

Hello all,

Thanks to those parents that came out to meet us last Thursday, it was wonderful to meet you and have such a large group of support at our RMPA meeting!

Comox Choir Trip forms were due last week – anyone that forgot please get them into me by tomorrow along with your $50 deposit. I need numbers for the trip so I can ensure we have the correct amount of transportation and hotel rooms. Your attendance and participation in class is mandatory in order to attend the trip, so please get to rehearsal on time (if you have made arrangements with me due to a conflict, that will not affect your participation).

Flanders Fields Choir Tracks are up on this website, just go to Ms. Kerr’s Tracks and you will find your voice part to practice! Put in some practice time before our rehearsals on Tuesday and start memorizing:)

Musical Rehearsals start this week on Monday and Thursday after school. Please make sure you turn in your musical contract this week. We are getting right into it, please wear comfy clothes that you can dance in on Thursday.

I will be away on Wednesday and Thursday with the BCMEA Provincial Honour Vocal Jazz, but I have all of my classes covered and planned out with great teachers coming in to work with our students! Attendance will be taken, so please make sure you are on time and ready to rehearse.

Strings Playing Tests were handed out last Thursday, come see me in my office if you need a copy!

Here is your schedule for the week:

Vocal Jazz 11:17-12:12 in Annex C, bring your lunch and make sure you have looked over all the music we have rehearsed so far. Please communicate any conflicts to me and make sure you are practicing!

Musical Theatre 3:25-5:00, in the theatre – you will get music and scripts. We will be doing and read through of Act 1 and learning some music right away as a group – everyone in the cast needs to be there!


Junior Choir 7:15-8:20 in the Choir Annex – We will be learning musicality for Flanders Fields- make sure you have your notes learned! We will be moving on in Canticle of Winter and learning more of River in My Soul. BRING YOUR CHOIR TRIP FORMS AND DEPOSIT, THEY WERE DUE LAST WEEK:)

Vocal Jazz 11:17-12:12 in the Choir Annex, prepping for Winter Concert performance!

Senior Choir 3:25-4:45 in the choir Annex – Handing out some new music! 🙂

Wednesday: I WILL BE AWAY FOR BCMEA- but all classes are still running with special guests – please be respectful, be kind, and work hard.

Strings 7:15-8:20 in Annex C with Mrs. McKnight from Cedar Hill- she is a strings expert and masterful teacher! Please be on time and learn all that you can from her. Please help put the classroom back together at the end of class, I will set it up the night before for you.

Junior Choir 3:25-4:30 in Annex C with Alanna (our wonderful accompanist), and Mr. Davis will be around for any issues. A shorter class so you can split up and learn parts – don’t miss this rehearsal you will learn a lot!


Senior Choir 7:30-8:20 in Annex C – a bit of a later start as I am away. You will be doing sectional work that I will give to Alanna for you to get finished while I am away. Please work hard! Mr. Davis will open up the Annex in the morning for you:)

Strings 11:17-12:12 in Annex C – Linda from  UVic will be working with you on your strings repertoire and playing tests at lunch. She is a great viola player, please pay attention and work hard.

Musical Theatre 3:25-5:00, you will be working with Tea, Kanika and Ms. Belvedere will be there in case there are any problems. The entire cast will be there and will be working on the group dance number for Sunday Morning Fever. Please be respectful, and get down to work!

Friday Pro D Day- enjoy an extra day to…practice:) If you have any questions please send me an email while I am away and I will do my best to get back to you.

Congratulations to our amazing Reynolds students that will be away for BCMEA Honour Choir this week as well – John, Ross and Millie! Thank you for being such great representatives of our school, I can’t wait to hear you perform on Friday!

Have a great week everyone!

Ms. Kerr