Choir, String & Musical Updates Oct 29

Choir, String & Musical Updates Oct 29

Hello all!

Thanks for a great week of rehearsals last week, things are really starting to come together – keep practicing and we can go far! We have some important events coming up – please check the very detailed event schedule for our entire music program including performances and additional rehearsals for our ENTIRE MUSIC PROGRAM – including musical theatre. Plan ahead and make sure you are sharing this information with your family and work – all the dates are laid out for you so no excuses.

A Few Important items for this week:

RENT sign up – if you have signed up to get $15 tickets for Rent on November 22, please bring your cash to me this week. You must have a way to get to the show and a way to get home, I will just be providing chaperones for the show and a discounted ticket.

COMOX Choir Trip: I will be handing out a notice for the remaining trip cost and food selection sheet THIS Tuesday in class – if you are away you need to come and see me. If you miss more than 3 rehearsals (unexcused-not including trading with jazz band and dance and sports) between October and November then you are not permitted to attend this trip. Choir is a team effort and missing rehearsals means you will be unprepared – so please ensure you are all using the practice tracks provided under Ms. Kerr’s tracks and do your homework! THIS THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1 @ 7pm is our MANDATORY Comox trip meeting for all students and at least one parent or guardian. All paperwork is filled out in one evening for the trip, so make sure you have your student’s care card information. I will also accept the 2nd payment for all students that evening as well. Total cost of the trip is $150, so the remaining amount after the $50 deposit I have already received is $100. I will accept payment up until Thursday, November 8 – which will also be noted on the notice I send home on Tuesday. Please send me an email if you have any questions or concerns about payment for the trip. We will be away November 16 & 17, I am so excited to embark on our first choir adventure of the year in 3 weeks!

Musical Theatre – please get your contract forms in to me this week, I am still missing some from you. Please check our events schedule on this website for all BIG rehearsals and performance dates with musical or click this attachment–>> Reynolds Music Dates To Note 1819.     Plan ahead and make sure you can attend all of our scheduled rehearsals. It is never too early to start memorizing- every single person needs to be practicing their music and dancing at home in between rehearsals.

Strings your playing tests are due TOMORROW (Monday) AT MIDNIGHT:) Please email them to me as soon as you can!

Here are the updates for this week:


Vocal Jazz 11:17-12:12 – Do your homework and use the practice tracks I have provided you – no excuses you have a way to practice from anywhere now:)

Musical Theatre 3:25-5:00 – Nun ensemble working with Kanika for the entire rehearsal. I will be taking the rest of the ensemble and rehearsing the end of Sunday morning Fever with piano. Ensemble cast will be finished around 4pm and will be dismissed. Boys for When I Find My Baby with piano accompaniment and learning the end of song backgrounds. Alexis and Sam WB doing some solo/scene work with myself and/or Tea. Wear clothes you can move in and bring lots of water.


Junior Choir 7:15-8:20 please be on time and ready to sing. We are going to start going off book for Flanders Fields so please start memorizing it before Tuesday – use your practice tracks:) You will get information on our upcoming trip and a notice to take home about our meeting on Thursday (I’ll post it on the website as well)

Vocal Jazz 11:17-12:12 – working on vocal improvisation, learn where to start and where you can go – it will be super fun and in a supportive environment!

Senior Choir 3:25-4:45 – come on time and ready to sing, please use your practice tracks to prepare so we can take the music to the next level.



Strings 7:15-8:20 – come on time and ready to play. Playing tests should have been submitted on Monday:)

Junior Choir 3:25-4:45 – come on time and please remind a parent or guardian to be at our meeting on Thursday evening if you are coming on the Comox Choir Trip. It is a short and sweet evening where we get your paperwork filled out and answer any questions then we are on our way. I will also put up room sign ups on this day so find a friend to room with:)


Senior Choir 7:15-8:20 – BE ON TIME, a lot of latecomers the last few weeks, I start right at 7:15 so please make the effort to be on time…even the day after Halloween:)

Strings 11:17-12:12– bring your lunch and let’s play some music:)

Musical Theatre 3:25-5:00 – Kanika will be here again working on choreography. I will post a Facebook update with exact details once I chat with her – make sure you get added to that group for the latest details! The link is on this website.

Comox Choir Trip Meeting 7pm-7:45. It should be a short and sweet meeting. Filling out paperwork so I can legally take your child on this trip, handing in final payments and meeting our trip chaperones- Fred, Laura, Alanna, Ann-Marie, Cheryl, and Mr. Davis. I’ll go over the itinerary, collect forms and we will be set to go. This is a MANDATORY MEETING – all students going on the trip must come to this meeting and at least one parent or guardian. Looking forward to seeing you all – thank you for supporting our amazing choir students!


Musical Crew 1:10 – 3:00 This is our first Crew day and we have lots to do! Those of you that sew can come and meet with the costume team – they have stuff for you to work on in the sewing room:) See you all in the art room after school- across from the band room.

Remembrance Day events are coming up next week- please make sure you have all of your uniform pieces purchased (scarves and ties) and have all black dress clothes to wear for our choir performance. No jeans – please look your best and if you choose to wear a skirt or dress you must wear black leggings. Wear shoes that are comfortable to stand in on risers.

Looking forward to a great week of rehearsals!:)

Ms. Kerr