Choir/String/Musical Updates the Week of November 2-6

Choir/String/Musical Updates the Week of November 2-6

Hello everyone,

Thank you for a wonderful week of recording with Vocal Jazz, Strings and Choir. Our recordings turned out really well and I am excited to share them with you and your family for a bit of last minute Halloween fun! My thanks to Scott and Mr. Gray for filming and editing our recordings together, you are the best!

Thank you to my Senior Choir students for recording Ubi Caritas on Friday after school for Remembrance Day, I will share that with you when it is ready! I am incredibly proud of all of our ensembles, it is a strong start to the year with A LOT of adapting and adjusting to singing and playing in formations and masks we have never encountered…and to sound this good, well let’s just say I am so happy to be back making music with you all:) IT’S WORKING!

Choirs are only rehearsing twice a week, and really starting to make progress! Strings has only had about 6 rehearsals, along with some kids only coming half time because they are in Jazz Band as well…so to pull off an entire tune that quickly, is pretty incredible – well done! Vocal Jazz has had limited rehearsal time as well and is really solidifying as an outstanding group of singers! To have THAT MANY soloists confident and sounding incredible is a true privilege, wow!

Here is the link to Halloween Recordings 2020: >>>>

This shared link folder features:

Senior Vocal Jazz singing “Thriller” (by Michael Jackson)- multiple soloists!

Strings playing “This Is Halloween” (from the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ movie), violin soloist Sakura Ueji

Senior AND Junior Choir singing “Double Trouble” (from ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ – text taken from Shakespeare’s Macbeth), accompanist Thomas Andersen, percussion Millie del Villano


  1. Have a listen using the link above with your family and friends, enjoy it you are doing really great work so far. Watch yourself and take note of what could be improved upon and what you did really well! It is both fun and a learning tool!


  3. Rehearsal Schedule is back to normal this week!

  4. Only two weeks of term one left, finish strong!

  5. Musical Theatre CREW starts on Friday after school, check your email if I spoke to you about joining this year!

  6. IF YOU DID NOT HAVE BLACK DRESS CLOTHES FOR OUR RECORDINGS, YOU MUST PURCHASE BLACK SHOES, SOCKS and DRESS CLOTHES, you can see every white sock and sneaker of those of you that did not follow directions. It is our aim to look and sound professional, if finances are an issue for you and your family please speak to me/email me and I can help you out – we have a number of clean black dress shirts and pants for you if you need them.

Here is the schedule for the week:


Monday, November 2:

7:30-8:30AM VOCAL JAZZ, Testing on East of the Sun m. 45-60
3:00-4:30PM MUSICAL THEATRE, Running Just One Day with everyone, starting “I Got This” learning more music AND new dancing with Kanika. Stay tuned for scene work and individual vocal coaching with me.

Tuesday, November 3:

7:30-8:30AM SENIOR CHOIR, in the BAND ROOM, we will be working on our Winter music preparing for our next performances
3:00-4:30PM JUNIOR CHOIR, in the BAND ROOM, we will be working on our Winter music preparing for our next performances

Wednesday, November 4:

7:30-8:30AM JUNIOR CHOIR, in the BAND ROOM, we will be working on our Winter music preparing for our next performances
3:00-4:30PM SENIOR CHOIR, in the BAND ROOM, we will be working on our Winter music preparing for our next performance


Thursday, November 5:

7:30-8:30 AM STRINGS, in BAND ROOM, starting some new music, working on some technique and preparing for our next performance

3:00-4:30PM MUSICAL THEATRE, We will be moving on to some new music and scene work. Stay tuned on GOOGLE CLASSROOM for DETAILS.


Friday, November 6:

12:30-2:00PM MUSICAL THEATRE CREW, please check your email for details. We will be starting Winter Showcase props this week!
Let’s have a fun week, please make sure you inform us if you are missing a class due to illness or any other reason. Please remember to wear your masks and stay socially distant. I hope you enjoy these recordings and I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween weekend!
See you soon,
Ms. Kerr