Choir/String/Musical Updates, week of Jan 28

Choir/String/Musical Updates, week of Jan 28

Hello Folks!

I hope everyone had a successful week finishing up term 2 exams/quizzes/projects and tests last week. I hope the extra time and sleep made a difference. HOWEVER, we are back to full rehearsal schedule this week, so please ensure you put in some practice time this weekend before you come to rehearsals this week. We have a lot of important events coming up, so make sure you check your schedule and prepare yourself for our upcoming commitments.

CHOIR (both Junior and Senior) students, you will be getting permission forms for our upcoming Choral Collaboration at Belmont on Saturday February 23 from 9:00-3:00. This will be no cost to the students and they will get two clinics by outstanding clinicians, they will perform for/listen to other choirs around Vancouver Island and they will get the opportunity to sing in a mass choir with those students. A full day of fun, learning and growth! Our Choirs and Strings will also be performing at Reynolds for Pink Shirt Day, so dig out your pink shirts, on February 26. We are in talks with the Legislature to perform for Pink Shirt Day as well, so stay tuned! With all of this in mind, it is imperitive that students attend choir rehearsal regularly. If there is a conflict or illness, please send an email so that I know they are excused – lack of rehearsal time means lack of opportunity to go on tour and to special events.

MUSICAL THEATRE we are getting close to show dates, you must be putting in extra time at home to ensure that you have your lyrics, dancing and dialogue memorized. We will rehearse a lot but YOU are responsible for memorizing, for some it will take longer than others, so do the work and be prepared if you need extra help talk to me now and I will book a time to help you out. This Monday, Jan 28 is a full show sing through with the Pit band from 3:25-5:30, be ready and put some practice time in this weekend before then. Act 2 is to be memorized by February 4th so any script issues, let me know now please. Here is a list of Music that is colour coded so that YOU know what you are responsible for memorizing over the next few weeks, do your part to contribute to the team! And please know that I think you are all doing a great job so far, but keep going and stay consistent on your practice routine, March is sneaking up quick!  Sister Act Music

Thank you to everyone that is coming out to our Silent auction Fundraiser tonight from 4-8:00. We appreciate your support, and thank you to Yvonne, Cheryl, Tracy and Sherrie and our other parent volunteers for really bringing this event to life, you guys are the best! There will be a few tickets at the door, so come join us and bid on some great items!

Schedule for the week:


No Vocal Jazz today, see you Tuesday!

Musical Theatre, 3:25-5:30 EVERYONE MUST ATTEND, we are doing the Sitzprobe (sing through) of all of the music in the show (see attached list above) on mic with the Pit Band. You must have your music organized (in order) and be ready to sing!


Junior Choir 7:15-8:20 See you bright and early, we have lots to cover for our upcoming performances so please be on time!

Vocal Jazz 11:17-12:12, let’s work through some more of our music, and I have exciting festival news for you!!

Senior Choir 3:25-4:45, we have lots of new music to look at and prepare for next month, please be on time!


Strings 7:15-8:20, sight reading new music and preparing for Pink shirt day performance, please be on time

Junior Choir 2-3:15 This is a early dismissal day but we still have rehearsal! Please be on time, we have a lot to cover!


Senior Choir, 7:15-8:20 please be ON TIME, we have a lot to get through to prepare for upcoming performance and tour!

Strings 11:17-12:12 Bring your lunch and let’s read through some music!

Musical Theatre 3:25-5:30, running scenes and doing blocking for Raise Your Voice, Fab Baby blocking review


Crew from 1:10-3:30 let’s get some of these props finished and do some building. I will also need set painters to help Ivy out.


Musical Theatre from 1:30-4:00 Finale dance review and Fab Baby Reprise fantasy dancers with Kanika, Blocking scenes in Act 2.

That’s all for now, hopefully I will see many of you parents at the auction tonight!

Ms. Kerr