Choir, String, Musical Updates Week of Nov 13

Choir, String, Musical Updates Week of Nov 13

Hello all,

Firstly let me say a huge congratulations to my choir students and all the band students that participated in our Remembrance Day events and the Back In Action Concert this past week- you all sounded spectacular and I am so proud of our incredible music students, well done!

Another big week coming up – so enjoy this extra day to get prepped for everything happening this week! All rehearsals are business as usual this week, so please come prepared and on time!

Our Choir Festival to Comox is this weekend, November 16 and 17, please ensure you have a scarf or blue tie for our performance this weekend and your choir binder – I will still accept payment for these items so bring it in this week if you have not already! Make sure your all black uniform is clean and professional looking for this weekend’s performance, look sharp! If anyone has not turned in payment or forms tomorrow is the very last day I can accept them!

Remember we are only about a month away from our Winter Concert (December 18 and 19) – so do what you need to do to feel ready and prepared in ALL of your ensembles which means PRACTICE:) Hillside Night of Light Tickets are due this Friday by the latest, please bring in your envelopes with the money you have collected to myself or Mr. Davis.

This Week’s Schedule:


7:15-8:20 Junior Choir – working on festival repertoire and looking at new music for the Winter Concert – do not miss any rehearsals this week, especially if you are coming to Comox – we have a lot of cleaning to do before festival.

11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz– running through our tunes so far and I am bringing one new piece for our Senior VJ crew to learn- be there on time and make sure you PRACTICE before I see you tomorrow – do your part!

3:25-4:30 Senior Choir – running our festival music – make sure it’s memorized:) If you are going to Comox Do NOT miss any rehearsals this week!


7:15-8:20 Strings – working on music for the Winter Concert, be on time and ready to play!

3:25-4:45- Junior Choir – our last rehearsal before the festival, make sure you are there on time and ready to sing – have your music memorized!


7:15-8:20 Senior Choir – our last rehearsal before festival, please be on time to run our music

11:17-12:12 Strings – Please be on time and ready to play!

3:25-5:00 Musical Theatre – Nuns will be finishing choreo with Kanika. I will do some blocking at end of rehearsal with the entire cast for Sunday Morning Fever. Run through ensemble choreography for I Could Be That Guy. I will work on music for Lady with the Black Dress On. Things were sounding great last week – make sure you are practicing to reinforce harmonies – one month until the preview performance on December 12. Make sure you have started to collect items for the Silent Auction Fundraiser – add them to the spreadsheet and bring them in as soon as possible!

Friday-Saturday Comox Choir Trip:

Crew: No Crew on Friday – I will be away on the Choir Trip!

Choir Students Can Drop off their luggage in the morning in the band room, we will securely store it in my office and the Uniform room for the morning if you need to bring it with you.

We will meet in the Band room at 12:15pm to get numbered off and load the bus and we are leaving at 12:45 sharp to head to Nanaimo for bowling and pizza! Make sure you bring your music folder, with the mass piece in it, your all black uniform and your blue scarf or tie. Please take gravol before hand if you are prone to car sickness. Bring any snacks or activities or homework with you to use on the bus, it is a long ride (about 3 hours up to Comox). I am SO looking forward to this trip and hearing you sing this week, I am SO proud of our choirs and how far we have come already this year – keep up the great work:)

We will be back to Reynolds around 9pm on Saturday night, I will send out a mass email if we run into anything that slows down our schedule on the way home!

Here’s the itinerary: HERE

Let’s do this! Time to show off all the hard work you have put into our rehearsals this year and have some fun!

Ms. Kerr