Choir/String/Musical Updates

Choir/String/Musical Updates

Hi all,

Sorry about the lateness of my post this week, I have been under the weather after our Senior Tour, but we shall soldier on this week! Thank you to our Senior Choir and Band students for a wonderful Music Tour to California. There were a lot of great musical moments and a lot of team bonding and fun that was had! It will be a tour that I won’t soon forget! Special thanks to Mr. Davis and our incredible tour planners Bobbi and Marilyn, you guys are the best!

After this week the NEW CHOIR SCHEDULE will be as follows:

Chamber Choir (auditioned group) Tuesday 3:20-4:45 and Thursday 7:15-8:20

Concert Choir (this is EVERYONE who is not in Chamber Choir, grade 9-12) Tuesday 7:15-8:20 and Wednesday 3:25-4:45

Vocal Jazz (auditioned) Monday 3:20-4:30 and Tuesday 11:17-12:12

As for this week, this is what we have going on in Choir/Strings and Musical:


7:15-8:20 Strings – new music to read for our upcoming concerts as well as discussing Orchestra plans for the end of the year!

3:25-4:45 Junior Tour Choir MANDATORY rehearsal for all singers going on the Junior Choir Trip to Calgary. Please ensure all your forms and money are in and make sure you have changed the dates in your calendar to April 15-20. Looking forward to another great tour! Anyone not in Tour Choir will not be required to attend this rehearsal.

3:15-4:30 MUSICAL CREW Anyone available to come and tear down set please be there to get this done…it is part of the course, if you aren’t there it affects your grade


7:15-8:20 Chamber Choir BE THERE ON TIME AND WITH YOUR CONTRACT SIGNED. Be ready to work hard from the get go!

3:10- 3:40 Orchestra meeting WITH ALL STRINGS PLAYERS. I am hoping to move Strings to after school on Thursdays instead of at lunch so please meet at this new meeting time for a quick chat about possibly starting an orchestra. We need to see who is interested and if we have the numbers to make it work. You will not need instruments or music for this one rehearsal.

3:15-5:00 Mandatory MUSICAL CREW meeting to put away all set pieces. We need to get this done this week, so please be there after school. Failure to miss will affect your grade.


Possible meeting time for CREW if set is not completely put away.

Looking forward to another great tour coming up as well as some exciting new groups for the end of the year! I hope you all had a fantastic Spring Break and are ready to get back to making music!

Ms. Kerr