Choir/ String Updates for the Week of April 15

Choir/ String Updates for the Week of April 15

Hello all, it’s Junior Tour week to Calgary! I’m excited to get out on the road and share some fantastic music on this trip. Junior students please ensure you have put in some practice and review time for Choir and band performances this week. If you prepare then you will feel fantastic going into Tour week. Those of you not attending the trip, we have done our best to ensure that rehearsals carry on in our absence. Please show up on time and work hard for our fantastic TOC Mr. Poon! Please pay close attention to the schedule this week as not every class could be covered.


Please ensure you have you full band uniform, you will be wearing this for both band and choir performances as there will be no time to change in between. Double check everything tonight, make sure your whites are white and everything is ironed and looking sharp for the trip. A poor looking uniform means that you do not perform– so double check and make sure everything is clean and looks performance ready. We meet Monday morning, your luggage needs to be curbside by 5:15am and we LEAVE at 5:45 sharp…if you are late we can not wait for you so be ON TIME. Please ensure you have a bagged lunch with you for the bus ride to Kamloops, we will not have a chance to stop along the way for lunch due to performance time frame. Have your uniform on the bus with you in a garment bag so you can change quickly when we arrive for the performance at Valley View Secondary. Bring your homework, bring a bathing suit and bring your A game! I am looking forward to a week of fun and music with all of you!

Itinerary Info can be found here:

As for everyone else, here is what we have going on. Work hard, show up, and be respectful to any guests that come in to work with you. It takes a lot of time to plan this out for you, so you need to be there and get work done while we are away. I’ll miss making music with you!

Monday, April 15:

3:25-4:45 Vocal Jazz, all singers and rhythm section thee to run through festival music. Singers please have I Go to the Rock and Poison Tree practiced and ready to run. Practice tracks are on this website for you…DO THE WORK. Festival forms can be handed into Mr. Poon and if you lost it, they are on this website. Work hard, have fun!

Tuesday, April 16:

THERE WILL BE NO CONCERT CHOIR TODAY, BUT YOU WILL REHEARSE ON WEDNESDAY AFTER SCHOOL, you need to be there and get new music under your belt. Attendance will be taken, make sure you are there.

11:17-12:12- Vocal Jazz singers, you will be working on your a cappella music Poison Tree and Light In the Hallway- get your music learned and make sure you come to rehearsal, Mr.Poon is awesome and you will learn a lot from him! Please hand in your permission forms

3:20-4:45 Chamber Choir, be on time and ready to work. Mr. Poon will be there to work on new music with you. Work hard, have fun!

Wednesday, April 17

7:15-8:20 Strings, be on time and ready to work with Mr. Poon on your new music

3:20-4:45 Concert Choir, if you are not on the trip you are expected to come to choir this week and put in a solid rehearsal with Mr. Poon working on new music, you have lots to do so make sure you are there and working hard.

Thursday, April 18

7:15-8:20 Chamber Choir, be on time and ready to sing. Mr. Poon and Alanna will be going over new sections within your music so be ready to work and ensure you review all that you work on this week.


Friday, April 19

Good Friday, no school!

Have a great week everyone. If you have any questions about this week, please send me an email and I will do my best to get back to you while I am away on tour. Take care!

Ms. Kerr