Choir/Strings/Musical Theatre Updates Feb 3-9

Choir/Strings/Musical Theatre Updates Feb 3-9

Hello everyone,
We made it through January, on to February which means Choral Collaboration and MUSICAL THEATRE PERFORMANCES COMING UP! Huge thank you and congratulations to my Vocal Jazz kids for a stellar day of performing and learning on Saturday! It was a long day, but I am so proud that you all took chances and came together to put on a standing ovation worthy performance. I am so excited to see where we go from here, if you work hard and be accountable you can accomplish great things! I am tired but it was so worth it seeing you be so successful together and work with/watch the other fantastic jazz choirs we met this weekend! I AM STILL SO INSPIRED BY THE MUSIC WE HEARD THIS WEEKEND, thank you to all of the groups that performed and especially to Tina Horwood, Kirk Marcy and Soundsations for bringing us all together for a day of jazz:)

We have a lot of performances coming up, so please gear up and get ready:) Please check upcoming events below:

Nice Work If You Can Get It tickets ARE AVAILABLE NOW from Ms. Kerr or the Reynolds Office. $10 for students and $12 for everyone else! Don’t miss this year’s show. Cheques can be made out to Reynolds Secondary. Thank you to music parent Andrea de Lange for her work on our posters and tickets, you rock!

February 22, Choral Collaboration Event at Belmont Secondary School. This is an event for ALL Choir students, where they learn outstanding music and sing with their peers around Victoria. They will work with Clinicians BRIAN TATE AND ERICA PHARE-BERG and have a full morning of singing and fun! I will have info out to you to take home at Tuesday’s rehearsals!
Family Day February 17 DRESS Rehearsal for Musical Theatre from 12-6:00 (with possibility of going longer)


A lot coming up, please make sure you have these dates in your calendar and that you do NOT miss these important events and rehearsals.

Here is your schedule for this week:

Monday, February 3

11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz CANCELLED, enjoy a well earned break this week:)
3:25-5:30 Musical Theatre, ALL MAIN CHARACTERS ARE CALLED TODAY- Nadia, Arlo, Sam (Millie), Maya, Levi, Alexis, Marcus, Dexter, Naomi. Chorus Girls and Vice Squad will not need to come in, BUT YOU MUST PRACTICE BEFORE THURSDAY – Kanika will be checking your choreo and it should be confident and clean. Sarah, Maya and Andrea will work on there Gotta Be There with Ms. Gosling right after school and then rehearse with Pit Band to practice your starting pitches with the band. Arlo will rehearse Do, Do, Do with Pit Band. Marcus will practice Let’s Call the Whole Thing off harmony and Delicious Reprise with Ms. Gosling. We will run ACT I, Scene 6, 7 and 8 that we missed on Sunday. Then we will run Act II Scenes and block and run anything we haven’t covered (should just be the final dock scene).

Tuesday, February 4:

 7:15- 8:20 Junior Choir in the Choir Annex. We will be learning new music and working towards our performance at Choral Collaboration at Belmont on February 22. Be on time!
11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz CANCELLED, enjoy this week off after a busy weekend of singing!
3:25-4:45 Senior Choir in the Choir Annex, we will be working on our new music and preparing for Choral Collaboration on Feb. 22.

Wednesday, February 5:

7:15-8:20 Strings in the Theatre. Please be on time, remember to bring you instruments and let’s get to work on your new music!
3:25-4:45 Junior Choir in the Choir Annex, be on time and ready to work on Choral Collaboration Music. Please Turn in your forms and $ as soon as possible!
3:25-5:30 Any available CREW please come and help with painting and building of the set.

Thursday, February 6:

7:15-8:20 Senior Choir in the Choir Annex. Let’s work on our new music and prepare for Choral Collaboration!
11:17-12:12 Strings in the Theatre, be on time and let’s rehearse our new music!
3:25-5:30 Musical Theatre  ALL CAST Kanika will be starting choreography with Arlo, Sam and Levi for Do, Do, Do and Nadia for Treat Me Rough. Music and Pit Band calls for By Strauss with Sam and Alexis, Hanging Around With You with Nadia and Do, Do , Do Sam, Levi and Arlo with Thomas. Vice Squad and Chorus Girls we will be running and cleaning I Gotta Be There and Demon Rum and the Fascinating Rhythm small group dancing- BE READY!

Friday, February 7:

1-4:00 Crew, Painting of the set and prop building and painting needs to get done this week. Lots to do, all hands on deck!

Sunday, February 9:

1-3:30 Musical Theatre, please come through theatre side door and DO NOT open any other door in the school.week. We will do a run of ALL CHOREOGRAPHY AND CLEAN WITH KANIKA, I will take out soloists for Music with the Pit Band throughout the day.
ANY MUSICAL THEATRE PARENTS please come out and help us get ready for the show, thank you for everything so far! Here is the link to the food sign up list for the run of our show, the more people that contribute the easier this will be:
Looking forward to a great week of music learning! 3 AND A HALF WEEKS UNTIL WE OPEN:)
Ms. Kerr