Choir/Strings/Musical Theatre Updates for Feb 10-16

Choir/Strings/Musical Theatre Updates for Feb 10-16

Hello everyone,

Thank you for a strong start in all of your music classes at the beginning of February. There are important rehearsals and performances coming so please stay informed and organized for the lead up into our upcoming events! Musical Theatre tickets are going fast and we are SOLD OUT for closing night (grads see me if you missed out…I might be able to help you out). CHORAL Collaboration money and forms are due THIS THURSDAY FEB 13, please make sure you are attending all choir classes for the next two weeks so that you are ready! There is a Pro D day this Friday, but our painting team for crew will need to be in working on painting the set.

We have a lot of performances coming up, so please gear up and get ready:) Please check upcoming events below:

Nice Work If You Can Get It tickets ARE AVAILABLE NOW from Ms. Kerr or the Reynolds Office. $10 for students and $12 for everyone else! Don’t miss this year’s show. Cheques can be made out to Reynolds Secondary. Thank you to music parent Andrea de Lange for her work on our posters and tickets, you rock!

February 22, Choral Collaboration Event at Belmont Secondary School. This is an event for ALL Choir students, where they learn outstanding music and sing with their peers around Victoria. They will work with Clinicians BRIAN TATE AND ERICA PHARE-BERG and have a full morning of singing and fun! Forms and $7 are due to Ms. Kerr by Thursday, Feb 13.
Family Day February 17 DRESS Rehearsal for Musical Theatre from 12-6:00 (with possibility of going longer)


***Please note that there will be no performance on March 1 for Cedar Hill, we had to cancel due to schedule conflicts***

A lot coming up, please make sure you have these dates in your calendar and that you do NOT miss these important events and rehearsals.

Here is your schedule for this week:

Monday, February 10

11:17-12:12 Musical Theatre Calls – Nadia, Arlo, Sam and Grace please meet me at LUNCH in the band room to go over your romantic scenes in act 1. we will get the choreo done so you are prepared for after school. It shouldn’t take us long! Vocal Jazz kids we will meet tomorrow at lunch, sorry!
3:25-5:45 Musical Theatre, Running Act 1 with EVERYONE, all cast, all backstage crew and the Pit Band. Be on time as we will start the run right at 3:30 sharp. Nadia and Arlo please head up to the booth right away and get a headset mic to test for the show. Bring water and snacks and be prepared to stay until 5:45 to assist with clean up. ALL DIALOGUE IS TO BE MEMORIZED, if you need help you must call line, but NO SCRIPTS – be ready!

ALL MUSICAL THEATRE TSHIRT SIZE ORDERS MUST BE IN TO ME TOMORROW! Payment will be $20, but you will not need payment for another couple of weeks when the shirts come in…please just tell Shelby your shirt size if you would like a shirt (it is totally optional) 🙂 A picture of the shirt design is below (thank you Serena Lam and Andrea de Lange) and you will get CAST, CREW OR PIT BAND written on the back of your shirt:) SO COOL!!

Tuesday, February 11:

 7:15- 8:20 Junior Choir in the Choir Annex. We will be learning new music and working towards our performance at Choral Collaboration at Belmont on February 22. Be on time and bring you forms and $7 labelled and in an envelope.
11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz working on our new music!
3:25-4:45 Senior Choir  in the Choir Annex, we will be working on our new music and preparing for Choral Collaboration on Feb. 22.

Wednesday, February 12:

7:15-8:20 Strings in the Theatre. Please be on time, remember to bring your instruments and let’s get to work on your new music!
3:25-4:45 Junior Choir in the Choir Annex, be on time and ready to work on Choral Collaboration Music. Please Turn in your forms and $ as soon as possible!
3:25-5:30 Any available CREW please come and help with painting and building of the set.

Thursday, February 13:

7:15-8:20 Senior Choir in the Choir Annex. Let’s work on our new music and prepare for Choral Collaboration! Your FORMS AND $ ARE DUE TODAY!
11:17-12:12 Strings in the Theatre, be on time and let’s rehearse our new music!
3:25-5:45 Musical Theatre  Running  Act 2 with FULL CAST, PIT BAND and BACKSTAGE CREW. Please prepare to be at rehearsal until 5:45.

Friday, February 14: THIS IS A PRO D DAY

I will be spending the morning working on Music Pro D at Cedar Hill and then working on lighting with Mr. Gray at 1PM.

Sunday, February 16:

1-4:00 Musical Theatre, please come through theatre side door and DO NOT open any other door in the school. Please be prepared to stay until 4:00 we will be doing a run of the show with ALL Mics being tested and practiced with. Sound Fx and props should be ready for use to practice with, let’s work on the timing for everything!
ANY MUSICAL THEATRE PARENTS please come out and help us get ready for the show, thank you for everything so far! Here is the link to the food sign up list for the run of our show, the more people that contribute the easier this will be:
Looking forward to a great week of music learning! 2 AND A HALF WEEKS UNTIL WE OPEN:) SO PROUD OF OUR MUSIC STUDENTS – keep working hard and being kind to one another!
Ms. Kerr