Choir/Strings/Musical Updates for Jan 14-18

Choir/Strings/Musical Updates for Jan 14-18

Hello all,

Second week of classes is up and running and it is important that everyone make sure they attend all morning and after school classes. During exam week (next week) we will not be having early morning rehearsals or after school (except in musical theatre, those will still be happening Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sun), so we need to make sure that everyone has a good start up to our choir and strings music this week. Please ensure any absences due to illness are communicated and please try to avoid scheduling appointments during rehearsal time. Grades for second term are coming up, so please show up on time and prepared. Please turn in your forms and payments for music tours, they are very late! We still need some numbers in order to make the tours make financial sense so if you are still interested talk myself or Mr. Davis as soon as possible.


Thank you to all of the parents that helped us out at our Sunday rehearsal this week, the costumes are looking fantastic and thank you to those parents that volunteered to help with the Silent Auction – we couldn’t do it without you! Musical Theatre Students, please ensure that your Silent Auction Items are coming in this week and that you are filling out the Google Doc saying which items you have acquired and the value of the item(s). Here is the link

 We have created a shareable facebook page as well that will be displaying items that will be upon for bid at the Musical Theatre Silent Auction, please take a look and share here:

Each student is responsible for selling two Silent Auction tickets each, cast and crew! Tickets are $20 for anyone who is 19+, the event is at the Monkey Tree Pub on January 27 from 4-8 pm. Tickets include admission to Silent Auction and cover the cost for your choice of burger (chicken, beef and veggie) and any beer that is on tap or a house white or red wine. Please come out and support these incredible students, it is going to be a fun event!

Show tickets are now on sale from the main office and from Ms. Kerr, $9 for students and $10 for everyone else. If you want to ensure you get the night you want, make sure you buy early. Cheques can be made out to Reynolds Secondary school.

Here is your schedule for the week:


11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz, sight reading new music and doing some sectional work.

3:25-5:30 Musical Theatre,

-3:25-40: here within these walls review with Ms. Kerr, 3:40-5 Nun Ensemble with Kanika finishing Choreography for TMTH, 5:00 Kanika will work with Emily, Sarah and Maya for Take Me to Heaven original. 5-5:30 Nun ensemble learning Vocals for Take Me to Heaven Reprise

-3:40 Alexis, I haven’t got a prayer with Ms. Kerr. 4:10 Sam, Fabulous Baby Reprise with Ms. Kerr

-Ensemble: Run Choreo for I Could Be That Guy, Scene 4 (if Dexter is back) and practice vocals for I could Be That Guy and Spread the Love Around

-Boys Scene 8 with Tea, can change staging and lines now that we will have it on stage and then go over Find My Baby with Paige to practice the dance. Scene 3, Act 2 with thugs and cab driver (Josh) with Tea.


7:15-8:20 Junior Choir, please be on time and ready to sing, we have lots of new music to work on!

Vocal Jazz at lunch is cancelled – Ms. Belvedere is running a practice exam through lunch so she needs the choir room space.

3:25-4:15 Senior Choir – Shorter rehearsal after school, working on our pieces for our Choral Collaboration on February 23 at Belmont. Then I will need to attend the Reynolds staff meeting.


7:15-8:20 Strings, sight reading new music, please be on time and ready to play!

3:25-4:45 Junior Choir, please be on time and ready to sing. This will be our last rehearsal before exams so you need to be here this week!


7:15-8:20 Senior Choir, please be on time and ready to sing, we have a lot of new music to read through!

11:17-12:12 Strings, please b on time and ready to play!

3:25-5:30 Musical Theatre, please be bringing in Silent Auction Items and purchasing Silent Auction tickets, there are only a few weeks left!

-Music Day Learning All of Spread the Love Around and It’s Good to be a Nun- we will also look at blocking for It’s good to be a Nun

-I will choose some scenes to run off book as well, have all of Act 1 MEMORIZED


1:10-3:00 Musical Crew, lots of Painting of the set needs to get done and building of props! Make sure you bring in your Silent Auction Items and purchase tickets to the event, they are $20 each for people who are 19+


1:30-4:00 Musical Theatre, Any parent volunteers are welcome to join us! Everyone in cast needs to be there to Learn the dance for Spread the Love Around choreo with Kanika, choreo for Take Me to Heaven review for Sarah, Maya and Emily with Kanika

-Nun Ensemble review music for Take Me to Heaven Reprise, Nadia working on your Solo (Life I never Led) with Mr. Poon and Ms. Kerr

That’s all for now! Enjoy your weekend, I am looking forward to some fun rehearsals this week!

Ms. Kerr