Choir/Strings/Musical Updates for March 11

Choir/Strings/Musical Updates for March 11

Hello all!!

What an absolutely fantastic (and tiring) week in the Reynolds music department!

Big Congratulations to everyone involved in Sister Act this year! Every night was a FANTASTIC show, and although I am tired I could and would watch you perform that show every night. Absolutely LOVED this show and this group of kids and I can honestly say I will really miss working with you every week. Grads you were all so brilliant and true leaders within this show- your talent and dedication brought so much life and energy to the stage and I will truly miss you all! That being said, we will get to work editing the DVD for everyone to purchase in a few months time. Stay tuned for an announcement for our Musical BBQ for cast, crew and pit band at the end of the year. For now, take time to relax and recover after a long week, and I hope you all bask in the total success of this incredible show. I will certainly never forget this one, thank you to EVERYONE that volunteered to help, your support means so much to us and we couldn’t do it without you! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU ALL, thank you for my best year of directing yet, let’s do it again next year!

We will not have musical rehearsals this week, however if you are available to come help put props and set pieces away we could use the help from everyone. Crew you will need to come and disassemble the set and put away props, but cast your help would be appreciated! We will also need help from parents to clean the costumes and organize our storage rooms this week, check the FB group for details. Any parent volunteers that can come help sort out costumes this week we could use your help on Wednesday and Thursday to help wash and put things away.

CHOIR INFORMATION: Senior Choir students, pleas remember that we go on tour in 2 weeks, that means you MUST attend ALL rehearsals and practice in order to get ready for tour. JUNIOR CHOIR we have tour coming up really fast after break so everyone MUST attend rehearsals this week, let’s get back into the swing of things before break…we can sleep next week;)

CHAMBER CHOIR: I will be doing chamber choir auditions at the end of this week. This is an auditioned group that does high level repertoire, you will be expected to put in extra at home practice and you will be subject to testing within the group. If you are looking for a choral challenge and you want to work hard, this is the group for you! I will be doing auditions on Thursday after school in the Choir Annex, if we need an extra day I will come in for Friday lunch. I will have a sign up ready on Tuesday in choir classes. I will have a small part for you to learn and do a few simple scales that I will go over in class on Tuesday. I hope you can make it out, we will start right after Spring Break!

Here are your updates for the week:


11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz, everyone needs to be there and working on new music!

3:25-4:00 Musical Cast and Crew– if any one is available to help put some things away and organize after school. I have to get mics taken back and ship all the music back and props need to be put away. Let’s have a short work day, but start at least! Cast if you can come help, please do…and if you want programs or to sign posters you can do that as well. I’m going to miss having rehearsals with you all and that is usually rare at this point in the year!


7:15-8:20 Junior Choir– I have missed my amazing choir students! One week left until break, so please be on time, we have lots to do and catch up on after musical week. Let’s have some fun and do some singing! EVERYONE NEEDS TO ATTEND!

11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz, see you at lunch for our last rehearsal before break- April 27 Festival will be upon us before you know it so we need to get down to work! BE THERE and be on time!

3:25-4:45 Senior Choir, we have lots of music to work on before break for tour, everyone must attend today and I will likely let non tour people go home around 4:15 when we work on Light In the Hallway.


7:15-8:20 Strings, please be on time I missed working with you last week! Let’s get to work and pick a tune for Orchestra Finale:)

3:25-4:45 Junior Choir, we will be working on new music for end of year and for Junior Tour, make sure sure you are there and on time, we have lots to do before break!

Musical Crew– Please meet after school to continue putting things away and taking down the set, we need everyone to help it is challenging and labor intensive work, but then we don’t need to do it after break!


7:15-8:20 Senior Choir, lets work on new music and go over chamber choir audition material. BE ON TIME!

11:17-12:12 Strings, let’s play through some music and maybe do some sight reading!

2:30-3:10 Chamber Choir Auditions, sign ups will be on my office door and I will bring them to rehearsals this week. Be on time and be prepared, looking forward to hearing you sing!


Crew and any available cast please be there to help take down the set, we need extra hands


Thanks for a fantastic last few weeks, let’s make this week a fun and productive one!

Ms. Kerr