Choir/Strings/Musical Updates Nov 25-30

Choir/Strings/Musical Updates Nov 25-30

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a restful long weekend and that everyone who caught that nasty cold last week is feeling better and ready to get back into singing and making music this week. We only have a few weeks left of rehearsal so EVERYONE needs to attend ALL classes and put in practice time in order to be prepared for our Winter Concerts on December 17 & 18. Let’s get to work and have some fun. Thank you to the students that came out to see Mamma Mia on Thursday night, I had so much fun and you were all a great group to spend time with. I hope you enjoyed the show, Catch Me If You Can will be in the Spring, stay tuned for tickets! Here are some friendly reminders of what we have coming up this week.

Events Coming Up:

Year Book Photo Schedule: Students are to be in FULL Uniform for these photos. Choirs wear ALL BLACK with BLUE TIE OR SCARF, Vocal Jazz can wear the same as Choir and STRINGS wears ALL BLACK. Please bring your uniform and you will be given time to change.

-Senior Choir and Senior Vocal Jazz, Tuesday after school at 3:25 in Annex C in full uniform.

-Junior Choir, Wednesday after school at 2:00 (early dismissal day) in Annex C in full uniform

-Strings, Thursday at Lunch (11:30) in the Theatre with your instruments in full uniform.

November 30 CHOIR RETREAT, please click on the attached form for more information and permission forms to attend our Choir Retreat, this event will be free for students : ChoirRetreat2019 This retreat will involve fun activities to have fun with friends and make new friends as well as a Choral clinic (details on that still have to be confirmed with Elizabeth, I will update when I know more). ALL CHOIR students are invited to participate, both Junior and Senior students. It is going to be so much fun, and we will have a big potluck dinner (bring something to share) and celebrate all the great choral music happening at Reynolds so far this year!

December 6 VOCAL JAZZ RETREAT with Fifth Street- Senior Vocal Jazz students will be having a clinic/performance experience with an outstanding local a cappella group, Fifth Street! They will work on two tunes, have a beatboxing session and have bonding and fun activity time as a group, all for the low price of $25, please have payment in by Monday, November 25. Info is posted here: VocalJazzRetreat2019

Here are your Updates for the Week:

Monday November 25

11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz -Please have a listen to your practice tracks and come PREPARED. BRING IN PAYMENT FOR THE VOCAL JAZZ RETREAT. Here is a link to practice tracks:

3:25-5:00 Musical Theatre, Working on new music (Delishious and Gotta Be There) and moving on to block and stage some new scenes. Sam and Alexis will be working with Jennifer on their tap number again! I will need a few crew members to help with putting together our triangle set piece – you know who you are!

Tuesday November 26

7:15-8:20am Junior Choir in Annex C, Please ensure you are on time and prepared. Take a look at solos and come prepared to try them out if you are interested! PLEASE BRING IN YOUR CHOIR RETREAT PERMISSION FORMS.

11:17-12:12 Senior Vocal Jazz in Annex C. Please be on time and be prepared, I will be putting you on the sound system, so no hiding:) USE THOSE PRACTICE TRACKS:) SOLOS for Rather Be today, so be ready to audition.

3:25-4:45pm Senior Choir in Annex C, Please be on time and be ready to work after school, we have a lot to still work on and get memorized for the concert in December:) VOCAL JAZZ AND SENIOR CHOIR PHOTO IN FULL UNIFORM. PLEASE BRING IN YOUR CHOIR RETREAT PERMISSION FORMS.

Wednesday November 27

7:15-8:20am Strings in the Theatre. Please be on time, get tuned and be prepared with notes practiced especially for Steampunk and Journey of the Magi.

2:00-3:00 Junior Choir, in Annex C, this is an early dismissal day. Please bring in Choir Retreat forms. We will be working on our new song and listening to soloists for Underneath the Tree- be prepared. JUNIOR CHOIR PHOTO IN FULL UNIFORM RIGHT AFTER SCHOOL at 2:10.

Coffee Night at 6pm in the Theatre…sign up to perform and come and support these performers. Coffee and snacks provided by Music Council!

Thursday November 28

7:15-8:20am Senior Choir, please be ON TIME and ready to sing, a lot of progress last week, please ensure you have put in practice time and are memorizing this week!

11:17-12:12 Strings in the THEATREplease be on time and ready to play. STRINGS YEARBOOK PHOTO IN FULL UNIFORM.

3:25-5:00 Musical Theatre, Finishing up on Fascinating Rhythm small group dances with Kanika, and running it through with everyone.

Friday Nov 29 

1:10-3:00 Musical Crew, lots to get prepped for December 11 show, please be there ready to work!

Saturday Nov 30 – Choir Retreat

from 3:30-8:00 at Reynolds Secondary Theatre. See attached form above for more info and hand in those permission forms this week! We have an excellent clinician coming in to work with our choirs, so it is especially important that students can be there from 4:30-5:30, please adjust your schedules accordingly and let’s have some fun!

Take care of yourselves and one another! This is the last push before concerts, so let’s buckle down and make great music. Please ensure you put in practice time and can attend our important retreat times. These events are both educational and fun – you will make friends and become more comfortable with the people you sing with every week. Looking forward to a great week!

Ms. Kerr